12 Outstanding Backyard Deck Ideas That You Can Proud Of

The deck is such versatile space that people are crazy about. It creates a harmonious flow between the indoor and outdoor space. It also provides an inviting place where you can spend your afternoon by sitting on a chair while enjoying the view of your backyard. Read on to find 12 outstanding backyard deck ideas that you can proud of.

1. Backyard Deck Ideas on a Budget

deck on a budget

You don’t have to break your bank account for a stunning backyard deck. To salt away some money, you can try to make a simple DIY deck using some inexpensive yet strong and durable materials. You can begin with getting 2×4 douglas fir wood as it is quite affordable and strong.

This deck looks amazing despite being inexpensive. A built-in planter perches at the edge of the deck, creating a beautiful fence with colourful dwarfs. Besides, you will not have to invest in more planters.

Installing the railing around the deck is necessary to keep your kids safe. And don’t forget to stain and seal the deck for a top-notch look.

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2. Small Backyard Deck Ideas

small backyard

Small backyard is not the reason of not having a comfy deck. In fact, investing in a deck in a small backyard can make it seem larger and more usable.

If the deck is furnished and decorated well, the undersized backyard will be just forgiving. It can even turn into the most inviting backyard ever.

This ground level deck has proven that small backyard cannot hinder it from looking fabulous. Being low-level, it provides an epic transition from the dining area to the backyard without making it look more cramped.

The absence of the fussy lines makes the deck look simple yet amazing. It’s all about creating harmony. The brown hues do not only complement the exterior, but also give the touch of elegance to the deck. Recessed lights are chosen rather than tumblr lights to maintain the simplicity.

3. Deck Ideas for Small Backyard

tiny backyard ideas

When it comes to a small backyard, a low-level deck will be your greatest bet. It will accentuate the exterior without overlapping the backyard, giving you an entertaining area where your veritable army hang out.

Since it is pretty close to the ground, you don’t have to install some railings which will save a lot of time and money. Besides, the absence of railing makes the deck look bigger.

Don’t forget to put some chairs and a table for an outdoor dining area so you can indulge yourself with your afternoon snack while enjoying the scenery.

4. Backyard Deck and Patio Ideas

backyard patio ideas

It is really hard to decide whether you are going to build a deck or a patio — or maybe both? Why do you have to choose one of them if you can have them both?

Installing a patio right after the deck can anchor the raised deck well. It gives a smooth transition from the deck to the lower ground, filling in the awkward space between them.

Having a patio and a deck all together means having more space to have a ball. Plenty of space is available for you to sit back and relax. You can even throw a barbeque party with your family and neighbors.

5. Cheap Backyard Deck Ideas

cheap backyard

Longing for a deck where you can spend your time with your family but can’t stand the installation cost? Don’t fret! This simple and small deck will not cost you a fortune. It’s so simple that you can include it to your next DIY project so you can save more bucks.

This simple deck provides all the things that you need to linger over the spectacular scenery. To avoid the confined feeling, you can get rid-off the railing. It will not jeopardize your kids as the deck is quite close to the ground.

To accentuate the deck and make it less dull, you can make two built-in planters at one of the corners. Just make sure that you don’t add too many built-in planters because it will make the deck look more cramped.

If you want to add more plants, try investing in some different sizes and shapes of planters. Experimenting on dimension is worth trying.

6. Backyard Deck Ideas Ground Level

deck ground level

Who says that a backyard deck has to be raised several inches off the ground? This ground-level deck has broken that myth. Despite being located right on the ground, it still looks amazing and comfy.

A ground-level deck is an excellent choice for your exterior. You will be able to get a stunning deck on a budget in no time. You don’t have to raise it which will take up a lot of time and money.

When it comes to safety, a ground-level deck is your best bet. Your kids can run around the deck without worrying about being injured due to falling from a higher deck.

7. Simple Backyard Deck Ideas

simple backyard ideas

You don’t need a fancy and sophisticated deck to adorn your house. A simple yet usable one will be enough.

This hexagonal deck is small, yet functional. It provides a beautiful entrance that escorts the guests to the doorstep. Black railing is installed around the deck to ensure your safety with the utmost care.

Tiny recessed LED lights are installed in the steps, providing dim light that illuminate your steps. To make the deck more appealing, you can put some planters along with beautiful and low-maintenance dwarfs.

8. Backyard Deck Landscape Ideas

Deck Landscape

Who can resist lounging on those antique chairs in this beautiful deck? This is such a great place to relax and escape from the hurly-burly of the city life. It’s calm and peaceful.

The huge deck enables you to invite your friends to come over for tea or even throw a party. And you are really going to love seeing your friends impressed by the beautiful landscape of your backyard.

Grow some boxes around the deck to anchor it. You can grow Lilacs and Rose of Sharons in some planters to add pops of colours to the deck. Instead of installing some railings around the deck, you’d better border it with some benches.

9. Backyard Deck Lighting Ideas

deck lighting ideas

Besides plants, lighting also plays a crucial role to perk your deck up. This all-white deck features whitish lights that illuminate the steps and railings. The use of excessive lighting is avoided to create a romantic ambience here.

Small lamp lanterns are installed on each post that connects one railing panel and another, creating a stunning deck landscaping during the night. Some small recessed lights are installed in the steps, guiding you to reach the doorstep safely.


White hues make the deck look clean and tidy.


White hues are prone to dirt.

10. Modern Backyard Deck Design Ideas

modern backyard ideas

Modern houses are all about unsophisticated and minimalist design. And thus, this deck remains simple without any curvy edges and railings. To make the deck look simple and sleek, composite decking is used. It’s much lighter and smoother than the real wood.

To make the deck look fabulous in a simple way, eliminate the use of too many adornments. This deck doesn’t even have any chairs or benches that would take up more space. It features some large steps, instead. Just add some cushions on the steps and you have built-in benches.


Composites are usually weather resistant.

They are also resistant to stain.


They won’t splinter or rot.

You don’t have to worry about the regular maintenance.


Some composites can be slippery.

They are not resistant to mildew and mould.

They tend to bend and sag more easily than wood.

11. Party Backyard Deck Ideas

party backyard

If you are looking for an outdoor entertaining, this deck might suit your need well. It is spacious enough for you to blow off steam, not to mention the spectacular view that can soothe you well.

You can even invite your friends to have a barbeque party since it has all the things you need to have a ball. There is a hammock hanging behind the classic bench that enables you to swing. Plenty of built-in seating is available for your friends so you can banter with them around the fire pit comfortably.

12. Elegant Backyard Deck Ideas

elegant backyard

This tiny deck shows you what elegance is all about. Despite being small, it still looks elegant and comfortable to spend your leisure time in.

Since it is not too spacious, investing in low-level furniture is highly recommended. To bring harmony, soft beige upholsters that the same hues as the deck and planters are used.

Although it is a bit confined, it doesn’t mean that the adornments are dispensable. This deck still needs decorating. Growing some boxes in those four tall planters is such a great idea since boxes are not fussy and they can be shaped as you like.

Now you have got 12 backyard deck ideas you can use to jazz your backyard up. They are all pretty, aren’t they? These backyard deck design ideas will definitely impress your friends and neighbours. Just make sure that you have sufficient space and budget to make one.

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