27+ Most Creative Small Deck Ideas, Making Yours Like Never Before!

Small Deck Ideas – Dwelling in a house with small backyard and limited space does not mean that you cannot enjoy the view while relaxing on a comfortable sofa or bench and slurping a cup of tea.

Don’t let limited space hinder you from enjoying a me-time. Try one of these small deck ideas for a perfect relaxation right in your backyard.

1. Small Deck Decor Ideas

small deck ideas nz

Having a small deck does not mean that you cannot make it turn into a cozy place to linger over the cool breeze while chewing the fat with your family.

To kick your deck up a notch, you can add some furniture such as sofas, tablesand vases with beautiful flowers to give the soothing effect.

Putting a torch or candle stand on each side of the stair of your floating deck will accentuate its classic look. And when the sky is getting dark, the subtlelight of the candle will be twinkling in the gathering dusk.

2. Deck Ideas For Small Backyard

small deck ideas with fire pit

If your backyard is not too spacious but you want to spend some time with your beloved family and besties, building an attached deck will be the best choice.

Attached deck is like a patio, but it is made of wood and a bit raised. An attached deck enables you to have a convenient access to your house.

You can put some chairs and dining table on your deck so that you can enjoy a romantic dinner right under the twinkling stars. You can put some vases and flowers on some spots such as on the stairs or the railing caps. Your deck will look great.

3. Small Pool Deck Ideas

small deck and pool ideas

Pool deck is such a brilliant idea especially for above-ground pool. It provides an easy access to the pool.

The deck also enables you to lounge by the pool while enjoying the scenery of your backyard. Furthermore, you will be able to keep an eye on your swimming children.

Pool deck is better than stone or concrete can that you usually find in most swimming pools. Pool deck is constructed out of woods that tend to be slip resistant. It is such a perfect deck for lingering over the water of the pool.

4. Deck And Patio Ideas For Small Backyards

small deck landscaping ideas
Build a patio and a deck all together? Why not? They can even make a great fusion.

A patio is similar to a deck to some extent. Both of them are landscape-oriented. What makes a deck differ from a patio are just the height and the materials.

But it doesn’t mean that they can’t be build all together to create an ultimate look and comfort.

You can create a wonderful place for enjoying your spare time by placing some chairs and a small table on the deck. A huge umbrella will accentuate it as well as protecting you against the sunlight.

Instead of putting safety railings around the patio, you can place a built-in bench that suits the patio very well.

5. Small Deck Furniture Ideas

small deck ideas for above ground pool

If it comes to a lovely deck, furniture always plays a crucial role in beautify your deck. Putting a long bench that has the same color as the wooden floor along the safety railings might be a nice thing to begin with.

To give a natural touch, you can build a fireplace right in the middle of the deck. When the cool breeze occurs, you can sit on the bench, enjoying the colorful flowers in your backyard while warming yourself up.

6. Small Back Deck Ideas

small deck ideas

There is only a very limited space in your backyard? It is not a big deal. You can still avail yourself of the limited space you have to create a cozy yet luxurious back deck.

Place the deck against the wall to eliminate the installation of safety railings. Putting some subtle lights on the wall and under the bench will provide an elegant and luxurious touch to your deck.

It is really a great place to relax after the hectic day.

7. Backyard Deck Ideas For Small Yards

small room double deck ideas

This small deck can be a great place to enjoy an afternoon tea or read your favourite book. It has a convenient access to your house enabling you to get what you need easily in your house.

The sofas put underthe pergola is just perfect. You can chat with friends and feel the cool breeze without getting scorched by the sunlight.

But if you do wish to feel the warmth of the sunlight, you can move to the unshaded area. Both of them provides a perfect view of the greenish grass in your backyard.

8. Small Deck Privacy Ideas

small deck ideas for townhouses

This small deck is very suitable for those who want a private place to blow off steam.

Being surrounded by trellis, this deck provides limited view to the outsiders so that they will not see you sitting on the bench of the deck.

You can also use the trellis to grow plants vertically making your deck as a great place for any avid gardeners to have small garden.

You can also play with your kids while teaching them how to take care of plants. It will be such a nice quality-time.

9. Small Wooden Deck Ideas

small area deck ideas

Wooden deck never fails to give simple yet warmth look to the design. You can put some chairs to make yourself comfortable.

A pergola can accentuate your deck perfectly to leave some shaded areas where you can enjoy your lunch without being burned by the heat of sunlight.

You can also build a square-foot garden thatenables you to plant some colorful flowers in a very limited space. But make sure that the flowers get sufficient sunlight to grow well.

10. Small Deck Ideas For Above Ground Pools

small urban deck design ideas

Having a private swimming pool in your backyard can be exhilarating. But if it is an above-ground pool, it will be pretty hard for your kids to reach the pool. They will need a stair.

Instead of building a stair, you’d better build a floating deck that is accessible to the pool.

You can put some chairs surrounding a table to relax by the pool. And don’t forget to put an umbrella that protects you from the heat of the sunlight.

11. Small Deck Design Ideas

small deck plans pool

Do not have enough space for your deck? A 79 inches wide with 157 inches long will do in a pinch.

You just need to make a very simple deck by installing some wood planks and build a bench along the width of your deck.

It is not a fancy place to spend your spare time, but it is a good place to enjoy your backyard landscape while accompanying your kids playing. Hanging two pieces of trellis rather than pergola will create a perfect shaded area.

12. Small Covered Deck Ideas

small deck ideas for small backyards

Attaching a deck to the upper story of your house can save the space very well. A deck is usually outdoor and uncovered so that you can enjoy the warmth of the sunlight. But it doesn’t mean that covered deck is unusual.

A covered deck enables you to enjoy the exquisite view despite the weather. You can even idle the days away by sitting on a comfortable sofa on the deck although it is bucketing down outside.

13. Small Outdoor Deck Ideas

small backyard ideas with deck

Let your imagination and intuition brings your deck to the next level. Having small deck does not always have to be tedious.

You can turn your deck into an elegant one by adding some furniture which has uniforms colors.
Soft pastels have been ubiquitous colors for years and deemed to be the color of elegance.

Thus, placing soft pastel furniture on your deck along with some unique flowerpots and the vivid color of lavenders will make your friends amazed and want to linger for a few minutes.

14. Small Deck Garden Ideas

deck ideas for a small backyard

Indulge yourself with the vivid colors of your small garden. And the most awesome thing is the small garden is right in your deck.

This small deck garden is a great way to escape the ordinary. It proves that being exquisite does not have to be exorbitant.

Repurposing some miscellaneous items near you, you can build a deck of your style. Put some flowerpots along with various kinds of flowers will cover the plain of the safety railings.

And why do you have to purchase a new fancy table if you can make a table from used wood planks? This DIY idea will help you build up a nice little nest egg.

15. Small Front Deck Ideas

small high deck ideas

Deck is not always synonymous with backyard. You can also build a simple yet attractive deck in the front yard. It doesn’t have to be fancy.

You only need to attach the deck to the front side of your house, hang some plants, make some steps as the access to the deck and install safety railings around the deck, and ─ voila─ a simple deck is ready.

Those are some small deck ideas that you can try at home. No matter how small your backyard is, it will not make you give up creativity.

Explore the things near you and repurpose them so that the deck will be finished within budget. Adding more plants has always been a great idea. But you also need to pay attention to how you arrange them well.

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