8 Basement Ductwork Ideas, Exposed and Hidden

GripElements.com – Basement ductwork is essential since it will transport the air from air-conditioning, ventilation, and heating equipment throughout the house. It will also affect the look of your basement. That’s why you need to find the best basement ductwork ideas. Below are eight ideas you will need.

1. White Basement Ductwork

how to cover up ductwork in basement

Many people decide to expose the ductwork in their basement ceiling. If you are going to leave the ductwork exposed as well, you need to make sure that it blends with your basement ceiling.

For example, if you have a small basement, white for the ceiling, wall, and ductwork is the best color.

2. Black Basement Ductwork Ideas

basement hvac ductwork

Black is not a color that belongs to all basements. If your basement has limited space and no window to let the natural lights in, don’t choose this color.

But if you have a spacious basement, then painting your basement ductwork in black will make people focus on other things instead of the ceiling.

3. Ductwork and Lamps

basement ductwork covering

Some people are looking for basement ductwork ideas that make people look away from the ceiling.

If your basement is your living space, you need to add some lamps to the ceiling. When the lamps are on, your guests won’t look at them. They won’t notice the ductwork on the ceiling.

4. Hiding The Ductwork

Basement ductwork insulation

Exposed ductwork is just not the best idea for so many people. If your interior design won’t look good with exposed ductwork, consider the hidden ductwork design.

Hide the ductwork with a ceiling that matches your basement interior. For example, a white ceiling will match the white flooring.

5. Black and White Basement

basement ductwork design

For a modern house, black and white basement ductwork ideas are an excellent idea. White for the walls is going to make your guests focus on the walls.

Black on the accent wall, ceiling, and ductwork will be invisible. For the furniture pieces, opt for a grey color.

6. Hidden Ductwork with A Lot of Lamps

diy basement ductwork

This idea is for a basement that needs a lot of lights. To place many lamps on the ceiling, you need to hide the ductwork with a white ceiling.

And then you can place LED lamps or chandeliers or pendant lamps on the ceiling. If your basement has no window, this is the best idea to try.

7. Connect It to A Shelving

ideas for covering ductwork in basement

These basement ductwork ideas are the most creative ones: connecting the cover of ductwork to shelving.

First of all, you need to pick the same material for the ductwork cover and the shelving. And then build the shelving on the wall, just beneath the ductwork.

8. Creating A Bar

basement ceiling ideas with ductwork

Consider adding this project to your upcoming DIY basement project: creating a basement bar. The bar needs enough lighting since it is in your basement.

You can use the cover of the ductwork to place some recessed lamps. This is a smart and unique way to build a bar and hide the ductwork.

Many people need to find the most creative and smart basement ductwork ideas. The eight ideas above are the most creative ones to make your basement look impressive.

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