8 Amazing Ideas to Hide Sump Pump in Basement

GripElements.com – A sump pump is an essential part of your basement. It is going to protect your basement and home from rising waters and heavy rains. It is present in almost all basements, that’s why people keep looking for ideas to hide sump pump in basement.

1. A Mini Corner Space

A Mini Corner Space

The first idea to start hiding a sump pump is by creating a corner space. Place two little cozy barstools with leather seats and then plant two shelves on the wall.

Decorate the shelves with your favorite photos or quotes. You can sit there and read your favorite book while enjoying a bowl of cereal.

2. A Tall Corner Table

idden sump pump ideas

The next ideas to hide sump pump in basement is building a tall corner table above the sump pump.

You can use the table to place your family photos, a flower vase, or any other ornament. Just make sure that you can still access the sump pump easily.

3. A Cozy Reading Nook

hide sump pump ideas

Bookworms need to consider these ideas to hide sump pump in basement. A cozy nook allows you to hide the sump pump aesthetically.

The wooden frame will give allow you to add a door to access the sump pump. Or, you can also access the sump pump by removing the cushion on top of the frame.

4. A Children Play Space

how to hide a sump pump in basement

Another idea to cover up sump pumps is by creating a kids’ play space in the corner of your basement.

Hide the sump pump by building a space for you to sit down while watching your little humans. You can also place your kids’ toy storage on it.

5. Ideas To Hide Sump Pump in Basement: Cabinets

how to cover up sump pump

Some people use their basements as a bedroom. If you are also turning your basement into a bedroom, hide the sump pump by placing entertainment cabinets around the sump pump.

You will get a space to place your TV and other things. Use cabinets that have the same design as your bedframe.

6. L-Shaped Benches

how to hide sump pump outside

L-shaped benches like the one you see in the pic will give you enough storage space. The spaces under the seat may hold your shoes or other stuff you have.

It is also a brilliant way to hide the sump pump. Provide a door you can open to access the sump pump easily.

7. Display Shelves

hiding a sump pump in a finished basement

The other ideas to hide sump pump in basement is by hiding your sump pump by building display shelves.

The shelves will make the door under the shelves look like a cabinet door. No one knows that the cabinet door is hiding your basement sump pump.

8. A Display Corner

ideas to hide sump pump in basement

How to hide naturally? By creating a floating corner shelving above the sump pump cover. People will think that the display corner is not hiding anything.

Make the door to access the sump pump invisible and you are going to get a smooth design to hide your sump pump.

The eight ideas to hide sump pump in basement will make your basement looks neat, more organized, and clean.

However, you need to keep the sump pump accessible. This way, you don’t have to remove the things you have built when you need to access the sump pump.

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