7 Bathroom Baseboard Ideas for Your Home

Bathroom Baseboard Ideas – When it comes to interior even the smallest things matter, including a small detail like bathroom baseboard. The problem is, there are plenty of options when it comes to bathroom baseboards. On one hand, you have a lot of alternatives to choose from. On the other, if you haven’t decided which bathroom baseboard ideas to choose, it can be confusing.

There is nothing to worry about, though. We are here to help you. Below, we listed 7 baseboard ideas to help you get started.

The ideas vary very differently, so you might find one, two, or more ideas to your liking. From traditional, simple, and minimalist to custom. Are you ready to get inspired? Let’s get started right away.

1. Go Old School with Traditional Baseboard

Traditional Baseboards

Sometimes, we just want something simple. If you want something simple for your bathroom, then you might want to go with a traditional baseboard. This kind of baseboard gives an old school vibe to the bathroom. It fits nicely with various bathroom style.

2. Simple yet Stylish Minimalist Baseboard

Minimalist Baseboard Design

Are you a minimalist? If you are, you probably have a minimalist style bathroom. To complement such a bathroom, you will need something equally simple, like this baseboard here for example. This baseboard, while being simple, looks stylish and blend nicely with the surrounding.

3. Add Modern Vibe with Recessed Baseboard

Recessed Baseboard Ideas

This is one of the simplest bathroom baseboard ideas here in Nova City. The modern yet minimalistic features such as baseboards make Nova City a perfect choice for living a luxurious lifestyle.

Regardless of how simple it looks, this baseboard gives a modern vibe to any space including even bathroom. It shows you the power of simplicity. It complements the look without stealing the spotlight.

4. Custom Touches for a More Personal Style

Baseboard Personal Style

Want to make it personal? Just because it is the bathroom, it doesn’t mean you can go with custom bathroom baseboard ideas.

Of course, you can. And it can even look awesome. This baseboard here, for example, has unique looks and offers texture.

5. Go High with High Trim Baseboard

Trim Baseboard Design

Baseboards come in various forms. Usually, the baseboard is a few inches high. But that doesn’t have to be the iron rule. You can go for high trim baseboard. If you have a high ceiling, a high trim baseboard is a solid option.

6. Rustic Baseboard to Make It Warmer

bathroom baseboard ideas

What fits a rustic style bathroom? The answer is, of course, rustic baseboard. The thing with rustic baseboards is that it doesn’t have to look delicate or complicated. It just has to be rustic and offer warmth to the surrounding, like the baseboard here.

7. Look More Elegant with Tile Baseboard

Tile Baseboard Ideas

If you have the budget and want to go for an elegant look, tile baseboard is your best option. It adds elegance and can last longer than wood baseboard. It might be a more expensive option, but the money will be well invested.


Interested in the ideas above? If you haven’t decided yet, the above bathroom baseboard ideas are a good starter. Choose whichever baseboard ideas that fit the overall style of your bathroom.

Or, you can make your own, too. The best baseboard will be the one that complements the overall style of your bathroom, whatever style that may be.

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