7 Easy Daybed Pillow Ideas that Will Spruce Up Your Daybed

A daybed can be styled in many different ways. One of them is by using daybed pillows. The question is, how? You come to the right place. In this article, we listed 7 daybed pillow ideas that will help spruce up your beloved daybed.

1. Boho-inspired Pillows

best Daybed Pillow Ideas

If you want to spruce up your daybed, one of the easiest ways is to add a Boho-inspired daybed pillow set. Why Boho, you ask? 

Boho style brings life and uniqueness to a space. And this applies to the daybed as well. Notice how the daybed becomes a lot more attractive thanks to the pillows.

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2. Colorful Pillows

Daybed Pillow Ideas

If your daybed is currently stale, you can spruce it up by using colorful pillows. What kind of colors you should use depend on your current décor, of course.

For example, if your current décor is mostly white, you can try colors like red, yellow, blue, and gray. Adding a pillow or two with patterns won’t hurt, either.

3. Vary the Sizes

best Daybed Pillow Ideas

When it comes to daybed pillows, you don’t need to have pillows of the same size. If anything, you should vary the sizes of the pillows.

That way, each pillow can serve different functions. For example, smaller pillows can be used as lumbar support, while the larger ones are used as a backrest.

4. Daybed Pillow Ideas: Use Bolster Pillows


While couches always have armrests, the same can’t be said about daybeds. That means if you want to make your daybed look like a couch, but it doesn’t have armrests yet, you will need to fill in the gaps. 

How? By using bolster pillows. Notice how the two pillows here become makeshift armrests for the daybed. Functionally, they make the daybed more comfortable. Aesthetically, they make the daybed look more like a couch than a bed.

5. Accent Pillows


You already have the décor of your daybed set. Can you make it more appealing? Of course. There’s always a way to do that. One of them is to add accent pillows.

Accent pillows like the above compliment the look of the daybed. It brings attention to the daybed, making it a hard-to-miss visual cue in the room.

If you like to make a statement with your daybed, adding one or two accent pillows will definitely help.

6. Use Outdoor Pillows


You shouldn’t use indoor daybed pillows if your daybed is placed outdoor. Especially not if you want to make them last.

If you are placing your daybed outside, make sure to accompany it with outdoor pillows. This way, you won’t need to worry about your pillows not lasting for a long time.

7. Arrange and Rearrange As Needed


If you want to use the daybed as a couch during the day, place the large pillows on against the wall and place the smaller ones in front of them. This allows you to sit on the daybed comfortably. Rearrange during the night as needed.

Feeling inspired to spruce your daybed yet? There are just so many ways to spruce up a daybed using pillows. The daybed pillow ideas we listed above are just some examples of how much impact a bunch of pillows can have on a daybed.

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