7 Best Baseboard Molding Ideas to Enhance Your Interior

A baseboard molding is one of the common parts found on your interior wall. It is mainly installed to cover the joint where the floor and the wall meet. However, the right baseboard can make your interior looks more charming. There are many baseboard molding ideas that you can pick.

Some of them look modern and others look classic. Therefore, you can find one that matches your interior style perfectly.

Aside from the style, you need to consider the material. There are two main choices of material you can choose, i.e. wood and MDF. For low budget decoration, you can choose the latter. In addition, you must choose the right colors.

Many people love white baseboards. But, you can go out of the box if you want to. These ideas of baseboard moldings will help you to choose the right one for your interior.

Clean Lines Baseboard for Modern Home

baseboard molding ideas

For a modern interior, you need a simple baseboard. And, this clean lines baseboard will be your best option. Some of you may think that having a white baseboard on a white wall is not a good idea.

But, it looks great in a modern interior and also in a small home.

Rustic Wood Baseboard

Rustic Wood Baseboard

To boost the beauty of your interior, you can choose this rustic wood baseboard. It goes well with various interior styles. This less ornate baseboard will look great in modern interior and country style interior.

Moreover, matching it with dark gray wall will make your interior looks more elegant.

White Baseboard on Dark Wall

White Baseboard Styles

A white baseboard molding on a dark wall is quite common. However, this room looks interesting with this baseboard idea.

To match this minimalist baseboard and wall, you can furnish it with rustic wood furniture in lighter shade. Therefore, the room doesn’t look too dark.

Elegant Wood Baseboard

Elegant Wood Baseboard

In order to make your interior looks more elegant, you can choose this baseboard idea. This wood baseboard has warm colored finish.

It makes your interior looks classy and elegant. For best result, you need to have similar finish on your window and door trim. This baseboard idea looks great on both bright and dark painted wall.

Baseboard Idea for any Interior Style

Baseboard Molding Ideas

If you have difficulties in choosing a baseboard idea for your interior, this baseboard can be your best option. It is simple enough so that it looks great in a modern interior.

On the other hand, it is more ornate than clean lines baseboard. Therefore, you can install it in a more classic interior.

Dark Baseboard to Enhance Your White Interior

Dark Baseboard Ideas

For a white interior, you can choose dark baseboard molding ideas. This particular baseboard will create a great contrast in your interior. However, this style is more suited for spacious home with tall ceiling.

Dark Baseboard on Gray Beadboard Panel

Gray Beadboard Ideas

Aside from combining a dark baseboard with white wall, you can also combine it with other colors. This gray bathroom wall looks more standout with the dark baseboard.

In addition, to balance the simplicity of this baseboard, you can use beadboard panels which have more texture.

Baseboard molding may not be the focal point of your interior. However, you must not be careless in choosing the baseboard idea for it. Choosing it with consideration will make your home look wonderful and attractive.

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