7 Best Choices of Bathroom Chair Rail Ideas

Long ago, a chair rail was only used to protect the wall from scratches. That’s why it was mostly found in rooms with high traffic in which the furniture was often moved. But today, chair rail is not installed only for protection. It is also installed to enhance the look of most rooms in the house, including the bathroom. The right bathroom chair rail ideas can bring a big difference to this room.

When it comes to chair rails in the bathroom, there are two basic things to consider, i.e. height and width. It is widely known that its height is about 36 inches or 1/3 of the height of the ceiling. However, you don’t need to always follow this rule.

In addition, you can choose wide or narrow chair rails depend on the height of the ceiling. To see how different chair rail ideas affect your bathroom, you can check these out.

Glass Mosaic Tile for Bathroom Chair Rails

bathroom chair rail ideas

Glass mosaic tile is great for bathroom wall. However, you don’t need to apply it on the whole bathroom wall to make this room looks more attractive.

Installing it as the chair rail of your bathroom is enough to bring beauty in the room. For best result, choose mosaic tile with contrasting colors to the wall.

A Classic Chair Rail Idea for Minimalist Bathrooms

Classic Chair Rail Ideas

Having a minimalist and simple bathroom doesn’t mean that you have uninteresting bathroom. You can make it looks more elegant and classy by adding a classic chair rail molding like this one.

It is not too high and not too wide. Moreover, its classic white design contrasts with black modern upper wall beautifully.

A Higher but Subtle Chair Rail

Subtle Chair Rail Ideas

If you want to add a bit unusual chair rail in the bathroom, you can try installing it higher than the standard and choose the narrow one so that it looks subtler than usual.

This bluish gray chair rail looks attractive with the beadboard panel. Moreover, it matches the lighter and smoother upper wall very well.

A Chair Rail Idea for Low Ceiling Bathroom

Low Ceiling Bathroom Ideas

If you have a bathroom under the roof or in the attic, you can opt for this chair rail idea. The chair rail doesn’t create a balanced division of the wall, but it doesn’t matter.

The bathroom still looks attractive with its beadboard panel, contrasting wall colors, and interesting ornaments.

Fresh Green Bathroom with a Marble Look Chair Rail

Green Bathroom chair rail

Do you have a green plain bathroom? If you do, you can add some pattern in your fresh green bathroom with this beautiful chair rail. Its marble look adds a touch of luxury in this room.

Moreover, its standard height and width will look great in most bathrooms.

Extra Tall Chair Rail

Bathroom Tall Chair Rail

To make your bathroom more outstanding, you can install an extra tall chair rail. It is very unique. Moreover, its contrasting color makes it more eye-catching. And even it is taller than the standard chair rail, it doesn’t dwarf the ceiling.

Different bathrooms require different chair rail ideas. If you want to make the bathroom looks more modern, choose wider and minimalist chair rail molding ideas. But, for a classic look, go for more intricate chair rail style with standard width.

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