7 Unique Toilet Sink Combo Designs for Various Bathrooms

Toilet sink combo is one excellent solution for small bathrooms. It is a combination between bathroom sink and toilet that will not only save your bathroom space but also help you save the water usage.

Even if you have a bigger bathroom, you can still get this toilet sink combination to help save the water. You may need to adjust your plumbing a bit, so take the help of a professional plumber. If you’re in southern Australia, there are several plumbing services for hire in Port Adelaide and around.

Below are seven different designs of toilet and sink combination that you can pick according to the interior design of your own bathroom.

Unique Toilet Sink Combo Designs

Floating Toilet Sink Combination for Modern Bathroom

Toilet Sink Combination

Many people believe that combination of toilet and sink is practical but it also looks too boring for a bathroom.

If you have a modern bathroom, you’ll love this floating toilet sink with a towel holder right beside the sink. You don’t have to find another place to hang a towel.

Neutral Colored Toilet Sink for Bigger Room

Neutral Colored Toilet Sink Ideas

If your bathroom has extra space, a minimalist toilet sink combination will be a great choice. The grey cabinets and drawer allow you to store towels and other bathroom needs.

Then the white sink and toilet will blend your white bathroom interior. You’ll also get a countertop to place the soaps.

Minimalist Monochrome Toilet Sink Combo

Monochrome Toilet Sink Combo

No matter how small your bathroom is, you need to find a toilet and sink combination that matches the interior of your bathroom.

If yours is a modern bathroom, black and white toilet sink combination is the right option. Find a wall mirror cabinet that has the same color and style.

Industrial Styled Bathroom with Small Toilet Sink

Toilet Sink Combo

But if your bathroom has industrial interior design, it will look awesome with the incredible stainless steel toilet sink.

Just like the other toilet sink combination; this one is going to help you save some space in the small bathroom. You can even place it in the corner of your bathroom.

Corner Toilet Sink for Extra Tiny Bathroom

Corner Toilet Sink Ideas

For an extra small bathroom, this corner toilet sink combo will help save space. The sink and some drawers under it will fit in the corner of your bathroom.

Then the toilet will sit right next to the door. If possible, try to find a wall mirror with cabinets for extra storage.

Wooden Toilet Sink for More Natural Bathroom

Wooden Toilet Sink Ideas

Natural bathroom deserves something that also looks natural such as the wooden toilet sink.

This toilet sink combination has white sink and toilet but an elegant wooden frame that makes it perfect for a natural themed bathroom. It will be better with a small potted plant on its tiny countertop.

Most Unique Toilet Sink for Tiny Homes

Most Unique Toilet Sink Ideas

Among the other toilet sink combinations; this portable toilet sink is the most unique one. This is especially perfect if you move a lot.

No matter how tiny the bathroom you have is, this toilet sink combination will fit perfectly in the corner of the room.

Portable toilet sink combo above is extremely minimalist and so far is the most special choice. But as always, you must pick a toilet sink combination that matches your bathroom interior.

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