Top 2023 Bathroom Design Trends to Reinvigorate the True Sanctuary of Your Home

Bathrooms have come a long way from the days of basic fixtures and utilitarian design. In 2023, the bathroom is not just a functional space, but a statement room, a sanctuary, and the ultimate indulgence.

From high-tech features to spa-inspired touches, the latest bathroom design trends offer a world of possibilities for homeowners looking to upgrade their personal oasis. So, grab a towel, step into the spotlight, and let’s take a deep dive into the hottest bathroom design trends for this year.

Wooden Vanities

Wooden Vanities

Experts in interior design all say that wood is back in the bathroom. Instead of the painted grey or white vanities, we have been seeing for years, it’s time to welcome back the natural wood cabinetry. Wood creates a sophisticated and more upscale material palette and offers a warm and organic touch.

However, many homeowners may worry that the wooden vanity trend will make their spaces outdated. The trick to getting a stylish modern look is sticking to minimalist, monochrome designs without too many details.

If you decide to get a wooden vanity when shopping for bathroom supplies, you’ll want to look for one made of solid oak, or some other type of durable wood. Temperature and moisture changes will cause some woods to expand and contract, which can cause painted surfaces to warp and crack, so be careful how you choose.

Teak wood is regarded as a desirable material for vanities despite being porous and able to absorb moisture from the air due to its strength and proven longevity. If moisture and humidity are kept at low levels, teak wood vanities won’t cause problems.

Freestanding Tubs

When browsing the stores selling bathroom supplies, you’d notice that bigger bathtubs, especially freestanding ones, are especially common. This is an indication of how opulent bathrooms are becoming.

A freestanding tub is a feature that promotes self-care and relaxation. It’s also the perfect statement piece if your room lacks one. If possible, place your freestanding bath by the window. It will create the feeling of more space while also allowing for enough ventilation to prevent mould and mildew.

Spa-Like Showers

bathroom design ideas

While bathtubs are very popular this year, don’t think that a shower is outdated. Showers are still must-have fixtures in modern bathrooms, with a slight difference – the focus now is on creating a spa-like experience.

There has been a rise in the search for opulent and expensive bathroom fittings like steam showers and spa-like amenities. Walk-in showers, frequently with frameless glass enclosures, give the impression of more open space.

Natural materials like marble, travertine and unlacquered brass are used almost extensively as they help create the opulent, spa-like atmosphere homeowners want.

The desire to include spa-like elements in bathrooms has contributed to the continuous development and popularity of smart bathroom supplies, such as voice-activated faucets, washlets, and shower systems.

Warm Metallics

Brushed metallic fixtures are a safe finish option for any bathroom design. The softening shine from brass fixtures reduces the chances of your space seeming garish. Gold fixtures are also becoming very popular. Many consumers choose brushed gold because it is less dazzling than polished gold, making it more suited to modern interiors.

Metallics can be introduced in your design through showerheads, towel bars, faucets, and other fixtures. They also make a great choice for vanity hardware, lighting fixtures, and mirror frames.

Decorative Lighting

Bathrooms can have a wide range of fixtures, including wall-hung, pendant, and vanity lights. These lights may be utilized to accent particular bathroom elements or set a particular mood. According to decor experts, decorative lighting will assist create the more tranquil environments that many desire.

It’s crucial to take the bathroom’s size, desired brightness level, and overall design style into account when choosing decorative lighting. Depending on how close to the water it is, bathroom lighting must adhere to various safety regulations due to the amount of moisture and steam.

Backlit Mirrors

bathroom trend ideas

In hindsight, the most notable bathroom trends of 2022 were fantastic. However, the trends for 2023 appear to be much better, especially when it comes to functionality. For example, high-tech mirrors with built-in lighting will offer you such improved visibility they can make you feel like a star.

These beautiful elements come in various shapes, sizes, and styles. And best of all, they serve both functional and ornamental purposes.

Antique Accents

Nowadays, many designers experiment with adding tasteful antique accents to create a fusion of the old and new. It’s the result of the comeback of vintage furniture as part of the decor giving our living spaces character.

You can create a unique atmosphere by using antique vanities, stone trough sinks, brass hardware and other elements that feel and look like wonderfully aged jewels.

In contrast to one or two materials in earlier years, bathroom designers are now using three or four distinct materials to create a layered space that appears to have grown through time.

Contemporary Blue, Light Green, and Warmer Neutral Tones

Bathroom Design Trends in 2023

Your bathroom’s appearance can dramatically transform if you choose the proper palette. For instance, by making the space appear lighter and airier, painting the walls white can help enlarge a small bathroom. In any case, remember that the walls should match the rest of the decor of the space in terms of undertones.

So, what are the best bathroom colours for 2023? Leading interior designers claim that those colours are warm neutral tones, light green, and contemporary blue.

These are, in many respects, an extension of the palette for 2022. Taupe hues, all-white bathrooms, and warm natural undertones are all excellent options to transform a dull bathroom into a calming refuge.

Large Format Tiles

Due to their attractive appearance and creative versatility, large-format tiles are becoming more and more common for usage in residential and commercial areas. Large format tiles have the ability to give a room a more seamless and contemporary appearance, which is one of its key benefits.

They are especially helpful in areas with plenty of windows, such as living rooms or kitchens, where they may provide the impression of more space.

Large format tiles are particularly perfect for bathrooms and locations with a lot of usage since they require fewer grout lines and are simpler to keep clean. They may also be used with smaller tiles to provide a distinctive and contemporary design.

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