8 Top Spanish Kitchen Ideas for Your Home

The Spanish interior looks superior. It represents a cozy vibe with some ornament, furniture, and color palette. You can choose this theme without having the whole look of a Spanish interior for all rooms. Check the best Spanish kitchen ideas here.

1. Warm Tone Kitchen

Warm Tone Kitchen

The warm-tone kitchen comes from the color choice which is all full of orange and red brick colors. Whether you turn on and off the lamp, the nuance is always war.

There is an additional ornament on the wall and frame door which is taken from Spain’s traditional art pattern.

2. Wooden Theme Kitchen

Wooden Theme Kitchen

The wooden theme kitchen brings you to the atmosphere of Spain’s vintage era. The kitchen is dominated by wooden furniture.

Other furniture such as countertops, tiles, and walls have a similar color to wood. It’s neutral and warm with additional cabinets from wood as well.

3. Classic Theme

Classic Theme

The classic theme of the Spanish kitchen is more than a farmhouse vibe. The kitchen has large and you can place several old-designed chairs around the countertops.

The tiles are hexagonal blocks with candles lit above the countertops. The cabinet has big with old-designed jars on it.

4. Colonial Theme

Colonial Theme

The colonial theme of Spanish kitchen ideas has three colors, white, blue, and wood. The nuance of the kitchen is simple where the whole wall is dominated by the cabinet to place the kitchen utensils.

The countertop size is small with an additional dining set with a wood theme in the kitchen.

5. Modern Farmhouse Theme

Modern Farmhouse Theme

The farmhouse looking for Spanish kitchen ideas has a combination of cobalt blue for the appliances such as stone and gas oven.

The whole other parts are white and wood colored. This theme is good for kitchen utensil collectors since the whole room consists of many cabinets and a small countertop.

6. All-white Theme

All-white Theme

This theme is simple because most furniture and elements are all white. The cabinet, basin, wall, and countertop have the same color and tone.

Additional colors and patterns come from the chair and tiles which are wood or red brick. This theme helps you to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen.

7. Modern Theme

Modern Theme

This style has more popularity nowadays because it is simple and the home appliances are into technology. There is an aluminum oven fridge in the kitchen.

The countertop has a role to cook as well as a dining table. Since it is minimalist, other parts have neutral colors such as white, gray, and wood.

8. Cobalt Blue Theme

Cobalt Blue Theme

Another style that you can try is the cobalt blue theme because this color is the specialization for Spanish kitchens.

Cobalt blue is the main color for kitchen appliances, the sink, the door, the window frame, and the wall. For a more interesting look, you can choose a tile wall with a traditional Spanish pattern.

9. Kitchen with Table

Kitchen with Table

If you don’t think that countertop will be a hassle for the Spanish kitchen theme, you can replace it with a table with a classic design.

Under the table, you can store other appliances. The whole kitchen is simple and modern with white cabinets, a gas oven, and hanging lamps above the table.

These Spanish kitchen ideas are applicable in many houses even though you don’t live in Spain. If you are into classical themes, the Spanish theme is a perfect option.

You can mix furniture and other home appliances with modern technology, but still, look classic and elegant in the kitchen.

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