7 Window Molding Ideas for a Sophisticated Home

Window Molding Ideas – Many homeowners overlook the importance of window molding. In fact, a right molding can boost up the appearance of your home interior and exterior.

There is a plethora of window molding ideas so choosing the best one can be somewhat tricky. If you need a help, you’ve been on the right page.

We have gathered 7 best molding ideas that will be ideal both for interior and exterior.

If you don’t have all day long for scrolling through pages, take a closer look at window molding inspirations below. Mark your favorite idea and get prepared to upgrade your windows!

Simple Molding for Minimalist Home Interior

Top Simple Molding Ideas

White hue, simple design, and clean cut make this window molding idea perfect for your minimalist home interior.

Without too many accents, a simple trim can add a visual attraction to large window panels or small ones. White sheer curtains can be the best covering for this window molding.

Decorative Crown Molding

Best Decorative Crown Molding

Crown molding has been a favorite since decades ago. Window trim with crown molding always works well to add a decorative touch to any space, both interior and exterior.

Whether you have a contemporary, modern, or farmhouse style, this molding idea can be an option for window improvement.

Modern Craftsman Header Molding

Modern Craftsman Header Molding

This classical craftsman molding is ideal not only for windows but also doors and opening.

Coming with a simple design, this trim style blends in easily so you can choose it for various interior concepts like modern-classic, farmhouse, or minimalist. As a bonus, this molding is quite easy to make.

Crown Molding with Accents

Crown Molding with Accents

Among window molding ideas for exterior, crown molding comes in handy to add a visual interest.

Thanks to header accents that offer a decorative touch to the space. In addition to crown header, it is accented with blocks to create a visual attraction for interior and exterior windows.

Window Arches with Sill

window molding ideas

When you have a stone wall, installing a window molding from the similar material can be a nice complement.

Arch header moldings are suitable for these arch windows, giving a natural yet warm look for home exterior. As a bonus, the trim is designed with sills and decorative footers.

Artsy Molding with Decorative Corner

Artsy Molding with Decorative Corner

This is an artsy window molding for your sophisticated interior. The trim has a clean and sleek appearance so it is ideal for most home styles including contemporary, classic, and modern.

For interior settings, you may choose MDF material and paint it white or any colors that meet your style.

Art Deco Corner Molding

Art Deco Corner Molding

A modest window frame with decorative corner can be a great way to upgrade your window without adding too many accents.

This molding comes with art deco ornament in each corner so it doesn’t look plain and boring. Combine with roman shade or sheer curtain for the best window treatments.

With plenty of window molding ideas to choose from, you have limitless options to enhance exterior and interior windows.

Aside from choosing the right model, you need to pay attention to material choices based on their settings so window moldings can last longer than you expect.

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