4 Amazing Bathroom Shelf Ideas for a Unique Touch on Your Bathroom

Bathroom Shelf Ideas – Do you know the most important bathroom vanities? The answer is the bathroom shelf. This tool provides storage to place all the bathroom necessities. A good bathroom shelf allows you to access and find any items that you need. It gives you a less troublesome and more comfortable experience when using the bathroom.

Now, if you want to add this useful vanity in your bathroom, we have a collection of the best bathroom shelf ideas below. They aren’t only useful but also beautiful, which is perfect to improve your bathroom appearance.

Glass Floating Shelves

Glass Floating Shelves

Find the glass shelves without a frame. The glass material gives a floating effect to the bathroom necessities you put on top of it.

Furthermore, this material is also perfect for giving a touch of elegance to your bathroom. Your bathroom will look more expensive and exclusive, similar to the bathroom in the five-star hotels. 

The transparent material like glass is also the perfect choice for you who don’t want to cover the beautiful material you use for your wall.

For example, if you use beautiful natural stone, like marble, for your bathroom wall, the standard shelves or cabinet will only block its appearance. Thus, using glass shelves can solve it. You can still see the pattern and beautiful texture behind the shelves.

The Bar Cart

The Bar Cart

From its name, you must understand what this shelf is. Yes, you use an old and unused bar cart for your bathroom shelf. You may need to retouch it by giving it a new color or extra decoration, like a new handle to push it around. Match the color with your bathroom color tone. Then, keep the wheels, so you can push it around.

There is a benefit for having a bar cart shelf like this. You can push it and place it in any area inside your bathroom easily.

It is very useful if you have a large bathroom where the toilet, bathtub, sink and other bathroom vanities are far from each other. So, whenever you use one of them, you can move this shelf and easily get any necessities you put in it.

The Ladder

The Ladder

An old and unused ladder can be modified into a unique and useful shelf for your bathroom. Find one that has wide steps. This is the part where you put the bathroom necessities. When you choose the ladder, make sure it still in good condition.

Choose one that has strong wood material. Yes, wood is much better than steel material. You can easily modify it, like saw the steps if it takes too many spaces, and change its color.

Using an old ladder gives you many advantages. It is moveable. If you want to redesign your bathroom interior, you can just move this shelf to other areas.

The other benefits are you don’t need nails to use it. You don’t need to damage your bathroom wall. Plus, you still get a beautiful and unique shelf for your bathroom.

Moreover, the ladder also gives you many options for how you use it for a shelf. For example, you can use it as it is with its steps and use that step for your bathroom items. The other method is using the narrow steps ladder.

Then, you use this part to hang baskets where you put your bathroom necessities. It depends on your personality and preference. One thing for sure, it is a beautiful shelf you can use.

The Pallet

The Pallet for Bathroom Shelf Ideas

The wooden pallet is used to carry stuff in the industrial area or factory. So, if you search in that area in your city, we believe you can find one or two unused pallets you can use for bathroom shelves. You need to do some modifications to it.

Cut it in the desired length and wide. Then, place the small side part on the bigger part. Make it looks like a ladder. Install it on your bathroom wall, and voila, you get a bathroom shelf.

The unused wooden box like this maybe has some damage here and there. Before you modify it, check the box and find the damage. If you find one, seal it and give it a proper finish to make it last longer.

It would be better if you keep the original wood texture of the pallet. It gives a nice rustic touch to your bathroom. For a bathroom with a modern and minimalist interior style, this rustic looks will make it more artistically beautiful.


Some of our bathroom shelf ideas are easy to make, especially if you like DIY stuff. It needs creativity and skill to make it perfect for your bathroom. However, if you don’t have this skill, ask the expert to do that for you.

At the store that provides building material, many of them also provide a service to make the item that you like using their material. Use their service and get your unique bathroom shelf. 

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