Outstanding Bathroom Vanity Ideas for All Types of Bathroom

Today, there are a lot of bathroom vanity models. You can apply a model based on your bathroom style. If you still find the best bathroom vanity model, you can just check the list of bathroom vanity ideas below.

The list helps to decorate your old-fashioned bathroom vanity into a modern, traditional, decorative, plain, industrial, rustic, or any kind of new vanity models.

Rustic Bathroom Vanity

rustic bathroom

Do you have a lot of wood logs at home? If it is so, you can think about creating a rustic bathroom vanity. The use of rough wood gives natural texture, knots, and colors and they are strengthening the character and detail of the vanity. Use the wood logs for any other parts of the bathroom such as the cabinet, chair, door, and shelves.

Combine the wood cabinet with black marble or ceramic vanity to give the aesthetic sense. Hang a medium square mirror along with a wooden frame. It makes the function of the bathroom vanity maximal.

Modern Bathroom Vanity

modern bathroom

It is considered as one of the favorite bathroom vanity ideas. By applying modern vanity, it seems your bathroom looks elegant and simple.

Instead of playing with patterns or texture, modern vanity often focus on the colors combination to balance the vanity and bathroom.

A simple alternative to create modern vanity is by using a classic color combination such as black and white or monochrome.

The key to balancing the colors is deciding the white and black areas and make it clear. For example, you can apply white ceramic or marble vanity along with a stainless steel sink.

Then, apply black or dark colors on the wall where you install the vanity. You may use other materials such as glass, tempered glass, and stainless steel.

Make the bathroom simple and spacious by applying a floating vanity. Some accessories such as a mirror, wall-mounted lamp, and vas with a real flower are a great option to make your bathroom vanity looks perfect and elegant.

Simple Bathroom Vanity

bathroom vanity

You might want to have a clean bathroom vanity. It is possible to create a simple and clean vanity by using plain or neutral colors. Don’t use too many accessories on the vanity to make it neats. You may choose a vanity with some cabinets on it.

Put all the important items and toiletries on the cabinets. White is a good option to strengthen the simple and clean atmosphere.

Black and white theme is always working on this type of model. If you want to put accessories on the vanity, you just need to put a vase with real flower, a tissue box, a small basket for soap or hand sanitiser products.

Indeed, hanging a medium rectangular or square mirror with black or wooden frame makes the bathroom looks stunning and balance.

a Wall-mounted lamp with stainless steel and glass lamp cover is also a fantastic idea. This simple bathroom vanity is applicable for those who have a small bathroom at home.

Asymmetric Bathroom Vanity

Asymmetric bathroom

For those who love to apply something unique at home, asymmetric is interesting and out of the box style. Nowadays, you can also apply an asymmetric bathroom vanity by ordering a custom product.

For example, instead of installing a vanity with an equal cabinet, you can install a vanity with asymmetric cabinets.

It looks stylish and eye-catching and the most important thing is that you can use the detail just like an ordinary vanity.

Moreover, it is also possible to install a round sink which separates from the vanity. It is the same case with the mirror option in which you can install a long and vertical rectangular mirror at the top of the vanity.

Luxury Bathroom Vanity

Luxury Bathroom

Some homeowners love to have a luxury bathroom vanity instead of the simple one. Indeed, it is possible to have a luxury bathroom vanity at home. The design and materials are two important things to consider while managing a luxury vanity.

For the vanity, you can use stainless steel or glass materials or something shiny. The shiny materials boost the luxurious atmosphere of the vanity.

You can also add a small round and armless sofa as a place to sit while preparing yourself. Instead of using a mirror with a frame, you can hang a mirror without a frame.

This trick makes your bathroom looks spacious. Hang a chandelier to add the luxury sensation. Put your favorite makeup, aromatic candles, and vase with a real or artificial flowers. A luxury bathroom vanity is suitable for all types of bathrooms whether a small, medium or large bathroom.

The point is that you can have a comfortable bathroom just like what you want. The size of the bathroom doesn’t matter as long as you can mix and match the furniture and accessories.

The bathroom vanity ideas above will give you more inspiration to create an amazing bathroom vanity at home.

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