6 Simple Guest Bathroom Ideas for the Coziest Bathroom You Can Have

Guest Bathroom Ideas – A guest bathroom isn’t like another bathroom. This bathroom will be used by your guest. Therefore, you need to treat it carefully. It gives your guest satisfaction and a good experience when they visit your house.

Moreover, it also shows who you are. So, we have some small bathroom ideas and tips on how to make this room comfortable for your guests and won’t embarrass you as its owner.

Pay Attention to Bathroom Item Display

Bathroom Item Display

How you display the bathroom necessities in the guest bathroom won’t only contribute to its appearance and nuance.

It also helps your guests to feel more comfortable when they use it because they can find what they need easier. In short, rather than a closed storage or bathroom shelf, use the open type one. 

The open storage can show what kind of items in the guest bathroom, such as fresh and clean towels, soap or tissue. By placing these items in the open storage, your guests can easily pick the items they need.

Moreover, if you organize these items in a beautiful arrangement, it also can improve the bathroom appearance, which also satisfies your guest.

Provide a Wide Free Space

Wide Free Space

Providing bathroom necessities for your guests is mandatory. However, your guests may carry their toiletries when they travel to your house. It said that using personal toiletries is more comfortable.

So, you also need to accommodate this part. One good method to do that is providing a place where your guests can put their toiletries while they are using your bathroom.

It doesn’t have to be a big table or something like that. Just a small area is enough. Moreover, place this area close to the bathroom fixtures that your guest uses.

So, they can easily reach the item they put on it. It sounds simple. But, it gives you different experiences and a big effect on how cozy your bathroom is.

Decorating Your Guest Bathroom

Your Guest Bathroom

The first two methods above are all about functionalities. This one is how to make your guest bathroom, beautiful. It is simple. Adding artwork like painting or wall decoration is one of the best methods.

You don’t need to use an expensive piece of art from a famous artist. Find one from a thrift store or you can even paint it yourself. Then, hang it on your bathroom wall. Make sure you have enough space to place this artwork.

You also can utilize your bathroom items. Choose the items that have a similar color to your bathroom color tone. Or, you also can choose items that come from the same brand. This uniformity will create a nice display in your guest bathroom.

To make it doesn’t look cheap; pick the different brands for each item type. For example, you can’t choose the same brand for soap and a towel.

The small accessories, like doorknobs, cabinet handles or others also have the important parts for decorating purposes.

Your old knob maybe looks gloom and fade. So, change it into a new shiny knob. You can even choose the gold color with a nice sculpt or accent on it to increase its value. It gives your guest bathroom an elegant touch.

Add Flower and Plants

Add Flower and Plants

This is one of the decorating methods. Adding plants or flowers in your bathroom is a great way to give it a natural touch.

A guest bathroom must feel cozy and far from the crowded and gloomy atmosphere. Plants and flower are the solution for that. The natural atmosphere from plants can help your guests relax when they use the bathroom. 

Moreover, the natural color of plants and flower also become a nice contrast for your stiff and minimalist guest bathroom color theme.

Of course, to get the best effect from this color, you can only use real plants or flowers. It will need extra treatment, though. But, that’s worth to do for creating the best guest bathroom in your house.

Personal Notes

peronal note for guest bathrooms

Leave a personal note in the guest bathroom. You can use the wall or the bathroom vanities to place the note. There are many things you can say on the note. For example, a simple welcoming note will make your guest feel accepted by you, the homeowner.

You also can use the note to show how you appreciate their visit. It shows that you respect your guests, which gives them a positive impression of you.

The Aroma

The Aroma for guest bathroom ideas

Add some aromatherapy candles or incense to create a nice aroma. Maybe you have cleaned it a day before. But the moisture that stays in the bathroom gives an unpleasant experience. The candle or other aroma sources can solve this problem. Put it there on the day when they visit. 


The guest bathroom ideas and tips we explained above can solve all kinds of problems you have for this room. If you have a problem to apply them, do not hesitate to ask for advice from an expert. 

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