Bedroom Design Rules for A Nice and Comfy Bedroom

A bedroom is all about you. When designing a bedroom, you don’t need to have guests, family members, or roommates in mind. So, while you can do whatever you like for your own room, there are some basic bedroom design rules to make sure your bedroom is comfy.

Don’t Use LED Lights

Some people use LED lights in every room of the house, including the bedroom. But, LED lighting emits a blue light, which will interfere with your melatonin production. Melatonin is a hormone, made by your body and regulates your sleep and wake cycles. Having your melatonin production disrupted will result in irregular sleeping cycles.

Going old school by using some incandescent lights will make a soothing and comfortable place to just lay in your bed and wait for your body to fall asleep. If you still want to use LED lights in your bedroom, illuminating your accent lights might be a good thing to do.

Put Blackout Curtains

bedroom Blackout Curtains

Light from your neighbor or the streets will disrupt your natural sleep cycle. So you would want to design a bedroom that will give you a good sleep every night, by blocking any unwanted lights from outside your room. So one of the bedroom design rules you can apply is, put a blackout curtain.

Blackout curtains will be good not only with people who are comfortable sleeping in the dark, but also for the people who, on the other hand, are comfortable sleeping with some lights on. With blackout curtains, you can block outside lights that will annoy you, and get a good night’s sleep.

Layer Your Windows

Most people only use one layer of curtain for their windows, open it in daytime, and close it when the night comes. Of course you can do that, but if you are living in a big city with a lot of people able to see you in your room, adding an extra layer would be a very good idea.

Exposing your room in the daytime could present privacy issues. So putting a light filtering shade behind your blackout curtain will make you feel safer. This not only protects you from any creeps out there, but natural light will still come to your room.

Put Something to Cover Your Floor

bedroom design rules

Having hardwood floors might be a dream for a lot of people and to enjoy it, they would not put anything on the floor to cover it. But this will make your bedroom floor feel really cold to walk on, not a very comfy thing to do before going to bed right?

If you want to show your beautiful hardwood floor, you can do it in other rooms, a bedroom should be all about what is comfortable. Adding a nice rug on your bedroom floor will be comfy to walk across on a cold morning or night.

There they are, the basic bedroom design rules you can apply on your bedroom. Remember, for your bedroom, put comfort above anything.

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