7 Best Toilets for Tall People from Quality Brands

Standard toilets are 15 inches high. This height is ideal for most people. But if you are a taller person, you need to get the best toilets for tall people. Tall people, people with mobility issues, and the elderly need a different toilet with different heights.

Toilets with special height will help those people stand up and sit down more easily when using the toilet.

The height of the toilet for tall people is between 17 and 19 inches. Check out some best recommendations below.

1. Best Toilets for Tall Person and Small Bathroom

Best Toilets for Tall People

If you have a smaller bathroom but need a taller toilet, consider Kohler K-3999-0 Highline Comfort Height.

This toilet comes with an eco-friendly flush, water sense certification, and canister flush valve. Unfortunately, it is not easy to install.

2. One Piece Best Toilet for Taller Person


Not only more practical because of the one-piece design, but this toilet also comes in a sleek design and dual-flush options.

This is a Woodbridge T-0019 Cotton White One Piece Toilet. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty and a one-year flush warranty.

3. Dual Flush Best Toilets for Tall People


The model of this toilet may be similar to the second one above, but this one is slightly smaller. It also uses less water for the flushes.

Smaller means this elongated toilet is equipped with a narrower bowl. It is ideal for a bathroom with a smaller space. Get Woodbridge T-0001 toilet if you want a stylish option.

4. 20 Inches Height Toilet for Tall People

Best Toilets for Tall People

While most toilets have 15 inches in height, this one comes with 20 inches in height. This height is ideal for taller users.

The toilet has an extra 1 to 3 inches in height. Even tall basketball players can enjoy using this tall toilet. The 20 inches height toilet is equipped with a dual flush system.

5. American Standard H2Option Toilet


This American Standard toilet is a two-piece option. It comes with siphon jet technology that is coupled with the PowerWash rim.

It is going to generate a powerful flush in order to remove all kinds of waste matter. It is also equipped with an EverClean surface that is going to protect the toilet from scratches.

6. TOTO Drake Elongated Toilet


The best thing about this one among the other best toilets for a tall person is its flush system. The flushing system adopted by this toilet is Dynamax Tornado.

This system is going to project 360 degrees water around the rim in order to thoroughly clean the bowl and also remove the most stubborn matter.

7. DeerValley Elongated Toilet


This one is the best silent toilet you can get. If you need a toilet, you can clean it easily, and this one is the best choice.

The toilet is made of self-cleaning glaze, so you can easily wipe down the toilet with cloth and disinfectant. Navigating the toilet’s part is also easier.

Out there, you are going to find so many toilets for tall people. But these seven best toilets for tall people should be your top priority. These amazing toilets are perfect for tall people in the family.

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