How to Achieve Luxurious Area Rugs in Your Living Room

Luxurious area rugs instantly bring a sense of style into any room. This is especially important in a living room. When guests arrive, you want them to feel comfortable and welcomed in your gorgeous living room.

That’s not something you’re going to accomplish with a bare floor. Use these sophisticated design tips to bring your living room from cold to classy.

Include Oriental Rugs In Elegant Living Rooms

Oriental rugs instantly add a touch of elegance wherever they are placed. Hand-knotted living room rugs in traditional designs can be placed underneath coffee tables to let guests see the beautiful design. Transform a living room into a beautiful place to gather with large oriental rugs that stretch from wall to wall.

Know What Materials Work In Your Living Room

How to Achieve Luxurious Area Rugs in Your Living Room

Using the correct materials is key to making sure that your rug looks brand new regardless of how old it actually is.

Avoid synthetic materials. Polyester rugs may look beautiful, but these materials are well-known for wearing down quickly. They also release harmful chemicals into the air, according to this study.

Wool is a natural material that both looks and feels beautiful. Rugs made from this materially are naturally stain resistant, but you’ll need a professional cleaner to clean them. This material bounces back easily, making it a great choice for high-traffic areas.

Cotton rugs are another natural material that most people use in their living rooms. These rugs are so soft that they instantly give the room a cozy vibe. Most people can clean them without having to spend money on a professional cleaner, and they are able to hold up to a decent amount of wear and tear.

Jute rugs are natural rugs, but these don’t have the same resistance as other materials. It’s recommended that they do not get wet, and they can mildew easily when they are wet. Because of this, you should only place them in low-traffic areas where spills aren’t likely to happen.

Carefully Consider Colors

Before selecting an area rug, take a good look around your living room. Make a mental note of the color palette used, and select complementary colors. Natural jute rugs in beige work well with pastel colors and earthy tones. Cool blues and greens pair well with neutral shades like grey and white.

Consider the way that you want people to feel when they walk into your room when selecting colors for a rug. Reds, oranges, and browns add warmth to a room to create a welcoming atmosphere. Patterns in black and white offer a modern vibe. Soothing greens and blues are known for making people feel more relaxed.

Medallion Designs Create Classic Living Rooms

The pattern on a rug can set the tone for the entire room. Medallion area rugs are a classic choice. These traditional rugs can be used in any room to add an elegant feel.

Place large area rugs with medallion patterns in locations that allow the entire pattern to be seen, such as the center of the floor or underneath the coffee table. Don’t cover up these beautiful rugs by placing them under large pieces of furniture.

Black And White Create A Modern Living Room Vibe

The contrast that black and white patterns create makes them a piece of artwork by themselves. Bold black and white stripes will create a contemporary living room. Rugs with floral patterns can transform any room from bland to beautiful. Black and white abstract patterns instantly become conversation starters!

Make Sure That Rugs Complement Each Other

If you plan on using more than one rug in the room, it’s important that they all complement each other. Rugs in different shades of the same color work well together. Neutral colors are another great choice because they coordinate with every other color, including each other.

Make Sure The Room Isn’t Too Busy

When working with large area rugs, it’s important to take the rest of the room into consideration. Rooms that have a large amount of artwork on the walls or patterned wallpaper should have a solid colored rug to avoid making the room look chaotic.

Likewise, in rooms with plain walls, a large rug with a beautiful pattern will create the perfect amount of balance in the room so it is not too busy nor too boring.

Use Rugs As Focal Points

Large area rugs are so beautiful that they can instantly become the focal point of your living room. To do this, place them in the center of the room on the floor. You can also hang them up on the wall to create an accent wall. Either way, everyone will see and love your new area rug.

Area rugs are the perfect way to add a finishing touch to any room. Large rugs set the tone for a room, creating a vibe that guests will love. For more home decorating tips, browse the rest of our interior decorating blogs today!

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