Can Fencing Wire Be Recycled? A Quick Guide of Recycling

Can fencing wire be recycled? If you have removed an old wire fence from your yard and are unsure of what you should do with it, recycling it could be worthwhile. By doing so, you will be cleaning up unattractive rubbish while also helping the environment. But is it possible to repurpose old wire fences, and if so, how?

You may recycle fencing wire at the closest junkyard. Just use a magnet to separate it into non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, brass, bronze, and also stainless steel as well as ferrous metals such as iron and steel, which may then both be recycled. If your fencing contains more than 50% iron, several scrap yards will take it.

Let’s examine this subject in further detail and see where and how we can recycle old wire fencing. Other metal objects like barbed wire, electrical wire, coat hangers, nails, and chicken wire will also be discussed, along with methods to recycle them.

Where can we take used fencing wire for recycling?

Can fencing wire be recycled? Yes! Almost all fencing wire could be recycled. Metals are 100% recyclable in all forms. uranium and plutonium are the exceptions.

Reusing your wire fences is a good thing to accomplish for the majority of us, and you could even gain some greenbacks in the process.

Your regular recycle boxes at the curbside shouldn’t include fencing wire. Alongside hangers, ropes, hoses, chains, and wire, wire is classified as a “tangler” by the majority of curbside recycling programs.

Their sorting equipment frequently becomes clogged with long, slender materials. You must thus come up with a substitute.

Is your fence composed of iron, to start? Use a magnet from the fridge to verify it. The magnet will adhere to your fence if it is made of ferrous material.

Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and bronze are non-ferrous metals. such metals can be recycled and have a market value. Here’s the recycling step-by-step:

Can fencing wire be recycled? Step 1

Check with your municipality by phone to check if a metal fence is acceptable for municipal disposal.  Since your city could have restrictions on how much fence you can recycle at once, inquire more about size as well as storage of such material.

Can fencing wire be recycled? Step 2

Use a magnet to check the iron on the metal fence. Your fencing is ferrous if the magnet is attached to it. It is non-ferrous if somehow the magnet doesn’t really detect it.

Inquire with local ferrous and also non-ferrous metals recyclers including salvage yards about their prices for the metal, based on the kind of fences you have.

To locate the greatest deal, contact many of these companies. After that, take the metal fence to a salvage yard or metal scrap recycler to receive compensation for recycling.


Can fencing wire be recycled? Step 3

Give a sturdy metal fence to a charitable organization that could need it. After that, the materials are auctioned, with the money raised going toward Habitat initiatives.

That’s all about “can fencing wire be recycled?” as well as the step-by-step. Thanks for reading this article!

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