Can You Get Bed Bugs from Patio Furniture? Check the Solution

Bed bugs are typically found inside the home and aren’t regarded as outdoor pests. The location of bed bugs on patio furniture, how long they may survive outside, and how to get rid of them will all be covered in this article.

Additionally, we’ll discuss the best strategies to avoid an infestation within your home as well as how bed bugs enter homes.

Which Patio Furniture Types Support the Growth of Bed Bugs?

Can you get bed bugs from patio furniture and where are the favorite furniture of bed bugs? Bed bugs avoid wet or highly moist regions and favor dry areas. The following types of patio furniture are frequently found to have bed bugs:

  • Rattan patio furniture
  • Couches with cushions
  • Dog bed or mat
  • Patio parasols

How long do bed bugs survive on outdoor furniture?

Because there aren’t enough food sources and they can’t thrive in high heat or cold, bed bugs can’t last very long outside.

Turning up the heat in your house will help you get rid of your bed insect infestation. Additionally, for a variety of reasons, bed bugs don’t survive as long on patio furniture as they do on your bed. For instance, there are numerous predators outside, such as:

  • Spider
  • Lizard
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants

Bed bugs also require food to survive, and they frequently cannot find it outdoors. Unfortunately, if you sit on your diseased outdoor furniture, bed bugs can latch onto you and take a free ride inside.

How to Get Rid of Them

You need to get rid of bed bugs right away if you find them on your patio furniture. Unfortunately, if you wait too long, they might get inside and it will be much harder to address the issue there.

Following are some suggestions for removing bed bugs from patio furniture:

  • Clean and dry cushions for furniture

If the cushions on your patio furniture are removable, you should wash them in hot water before drying them on high heat. All bed bug stages can be eliminated by high temperatures.

  • Furniture infested with vacuums

Clean up all furniture pieces with the vacuum hose, empty the bag outside, and throw the leftovers away right away into a plastic bag.

  • Place covered cushions in the sun.

All pillows should be stored in direct sunlight and placed in large plastic bags.

  • Pets Should Not Be Near Patio Furniture

If your dog lies down on your patio furniture, bed bugs dwelling in the cushions may use them as a food source.

How Do Bed Bugs Enter the Home?

The bed bugs you discover on your patio furniture may attach to you and enter your home unintentionally. Bed bugs can survive for up to 4 months and occasionally even up to a year without food in arid areas.

Once inside your home, bed bugs start to lay eggs and soon grow in number. You might have bed bugs if you see itching or red bites on your skin.


Even though they don’t have a high survival rate outside due to a lack of food sources, bed bugs can thrive on patio furniture.

These bugs are commonly found in patio umbrellas, cushioned furniture, dry outdoor dog beds, and rattan chairs. Can you get bed bugs from patio furnitures and how to get rid of them? You got the answer.

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