Ceiling Fan Buyers Guide, Four Things to Consider

A nice and stylish ceiling fan will not only cool down your room and the people inside, but also give a good touch to the room. There are four things to consider before picking a ceiling fan, this is your ceiling fan buyers guide.

Indoor or Outdoor?

If you need the ceiling indoors, what room is it? Because if it’s a room exposed with humidity on a daily basis like a big bathroom, or a laundry room, you will need a damp-listed ceiling fan. If the room is not an area subject to humidity, you can pick any ceiling fans because all ceiling fans can be used indoors.

If the ceiling fan is for outdoor space, you need to choose between damp and wet-listed ceiling fans. If it’s an area protected from direct contacts with water, you need the damp-listed kind. But if it’s for an area like a gazebo or an open air deck that will have direct contacts with water, you will need the wet-listed ceiling fan.


Size of ceiling fan

A good ceiling fan buyers guide will tell you to pick the right size. Ceiling fans come in different sizes, picking the right size is important. To do this, all you have to do is measure the room, take the room’s length and multiply it by its width.

If the room area is smaller than 7 square meters, you will need a small fan, 44 inches or smaller. If the room is 32 square meters or smaller, you need a 48 – 58 inch ceiling fan. If it’s bigger than 32 square meters, you need a larger, and more than one 60 inch ceiling fan.

Mounting Type

After size, you need to determine the mounting type for your ceiling, and whether you need a downrod or even an extended downrod. If you have a low ceiling, which is between 2-3 meters, a hugger fan is sufficient. This type directly mounts to your ceiling without a downrod.

If your ceiling is higher than 3 meters, you will need a downrod or even an extended downrod. You also have to remember that the ceiling fan blades need to be at least 2 meters above the floor, and if it’s a ceiling fan with metal blades, it needs to be at least 3 meters above the floor.

Ceiling Fan Controls

Ceiling Fan Buyers Guide

You have 3 options of control to choose for your ceiling fan. The remote, wall controls, or the most basic one, chains. If you have a high ceiling fan, pulling chains would not work, so the best type of control is the remote.

Wall controls are convenient to use when you enter a room, and it’s also good with multi-purpose rooms, and of course, kids. If your ceiling fan is not so high, you can always choose the chains and you can upgrade it anytime you want.

That is your ceiling fan buyers guide, four things to consider before choosing and buying a ceiling fan.

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