7 Different Types of TV Mounts that Promote Comfort in Watching TV

Watching TV is one of the most enjoyable things to do in our spare time. To make this activity more comfortable to do, you need to mount your TV properly. Consequently, you must have the right types of TV mounts

Certain TV mounts may not be able to meet your TV mounting needs because they don’t have some particular features that you need.

To find out more about the features of different types of TV mounts, check the information below.

1. Fixed TV Wall Mount

types of tv mounts

When it comes to mounting a TV, many people choose to mount it on the wall. For this particular purpose, they can choose one among the different types of TV wall mounts, such as the fixed TV wall mount.

This particular TV mount is perfect for you who are on a budget since it is more affordable than the others.

It is also strong, sturdy, and easier to install. However, it lacks of adjustability. Once you mount your TV on it, you will not be able to adjust its angle.

2. Tilting TV Wall Mount

Types of TV Mounts

This type of TV wall mount is slightly better than the previous one. With a tilting TV wall mount, you will be able to make a vertical adjustment of 5o to 15o. 

Consequently, you can adjust the angle of the TV according to your sitting position when watching it. Tilting TV wall mount is also perfect for you who have kids because it allows them to have a better experience in watching TV.

3. Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Types of TV Mounts

This is one bestTV mounts available in stores. It allows you to tilt and swivel your TV so that you can get the widest viewing angle from it.

Full motion TV wall mount generally consists of a wall mount bracket and a swiveling arm.

You can fold the arm and make your TV look as if it is flat on the wall, or extend the arm and tweak it horizontally and vertically to have a better viewing angle.

4. Basic Ceiling TV Mount


Aside from mounting your TV on the wall, you can also mount it on the ceiling. One of the types of TV ceiling mounts that you can choose this basic TV ceiling mount. It consists of a bracket and a pole that extend from the ceiling up to 3 feet.

Some of the basic TV ceiling mounts can be tilted in order to give a better viewing angle. This TV mount is a perfect choice if you are dealing with a problematic wall.

5. Flip Down Ceiling TV Mount


The flip-down ceiling TV mount allows you to flip your TV toward the ceiling when you are not watching it. Therefore, your space will look more organized.

When you are shopping for it, you can opt for a flip-down ceiling TV mount that has a tilting feature or a swivel feature. 

6. Fireplace TV Mount


If you want to mount your TV above your fireplace, you must have a fireplace TV mount. Installing it will prevent you from having neck pain from watching TV.

The fireplace TV mount can be lowered to your eye level so that you can watch it with more comfort.

7. RV TV Mount


This particular TV mount is for those who want to hang a TV on their RV interior. It generally has a certain safety feature so that you can mount your TV securely and safely inside the RV.

Some of the types of TV mounts above are equipped with motorized features. Therefore, you can adjust the angle of the TV simply by hitting the remote buttons.

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