12 Beautiful Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway that Will Impress Your Guests

Are you thinking of elevating the look of your hallway? One of the ways to improve the look of this welcoming space is adding chair rail moldings.

Many people think that this type of molding is outdated. But, the best chair rail ideas for hallway can actually make it more impressive and beautiful.

These are some of the best chair rail ideas that will make a show-stopping hallway.

1. Classic White Chair Rail Idea for Entryway

Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway

White chair rail décor ideas look good on almost every room of your house, including the hallway. Therefore, applying this classic white chair rail idea is an excellent choice. You almost never go wrong with white chair rail moldings on white walls.

These white moldings are wide enough to add a texture on the white entrance. In addition, the chair rail molding is installed at the right height. Therefore, you still have plenty of space to hang your wall decorations and painting on the wall of the hallway.


2. High Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway with Chalkboard and Cream Wall

Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway

Do you have small kids who love drawing on the wall? If you do, these high chair rail ideas for hallway are perfect for you. The chair rail molding on one side of the hallway looks quite common and minimalist.

However, the molding on the other side looks unusual because it is installed above a chalkboard. The chair rail moldings in this hallway are higher than the average chair rail moldings so that the kids have enough space to draw. To decorate the upper wall, you can hang small framed photos or wall arts.

3. Green and Gorgeous Entryway with Extra Wide Chair Rail

Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway

For you who want to have a show stopping hallway, this green and gorgeous entryway is the best choice for you. The combination of green wall, white wall moldings, and wood flooring is very impressive.

The chair rail idea in this entryway is quite bold. It is large with many intricate details. Moreover, the chair rail molding matches the crown molding and panel molding beautifully. With this beautiful wall molding idea, you don’t need many wall arts to decorate the entryway.

4. Two-Toned Hallway with Cream Colored Chair Rail Molding

Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway

A number of homeowners choose to have a chair rail molding in the middle of a two-toned wall. One example of these chair rail ideas for hallway can be found in this two-toned hallway.

The cream chair rail molding is quite simple, but its contrasted color with the wall below make it look more attractive. It is important to note that when you paint the wall in dark and light color, you must apply the dark colored paint on the lower half of the wall.

5. Beautiful Hallway with White Chair Rail and Black Beadboard

Chair Rail Ideas for Hallway

At a glance, the chair rail idea of this hallway looks similar to the previous one. However, this chair rail idea looks more impressive because the molding is above black wide beadboard. Moreover, the wall arts and rugs make the hallway look more gorgeous and elegant.

6. Cool Blue Hallway with White Chair Rail Idea


White chair rail ideas for hallway look good on almost any wall color. Therefore, it is no wonder that this cool blue hallway looks very charming with the white chair rail molding.

To enhance the look of this hallway, the homeowner painted the lower wall in white and added panel molding below the chair rail.

7. Modern White Hallway with White Chair Rail and Panel Molding


Chair rail molding is identical to the classic interior. However, it is not always so. You can also apply this wall ornament in a modern interior, particularly a modern hallway. This is one ofexamples of a modern hallway with a chair rail.

This hallway doesn’t lose its modern look despite the chair rail and panel molding installed on its walls. One of the keys in creating this elegant modern look is installing the wall molding lower than the average. Therefore, you still have plenty of clean free space on the upper half of the wall.

8. Bold Orange Hallway with Large Chair Rail


If you are looking for bold chair rail ideas for hallway, this orange hallway with white molding is one of them. The orange upper wall is very vibrant and eye-catching. To match this bold look, the homeowner installed large chair rail molding along with panel molding and baseboard.

9. White Chair Rail Molding in Cool and Minimalist Hallway


Transforming your old hallway into a cool and minimalist hallway is not difficult at all. You can adopt this simple chair rail molding idea and wall colors. Paint the lower half of the wall in tosca colored paint and the upper half in white. After that, install the white chair rail moldings and baseboard.

10. Chair Rail Idea for a Warm and Friendly Hallway


Some people love a cool and impressive hallway, but others love a warm and friendly hallway. If you prefer the latter, you can opt for this hallway idea when remodeling your hallway.

This hallway looks warm and friendly thanks to the light brown wall. To enhance its beauty, white chair rail and white beadboard are added.

11. White Spotless Hallway with White Wall Molding


Having this white spotless hallway will surely impress your guests. The combination of white wall, white chair rail, white beadboard, white baseboard, and white crown molding will do the trick.

To have this impressive effect, you must install the chair rail molding a bit lower. In addition, this hallway idea is most perfect for a hallway with tall ceiling.

12. White Chair Rail idea on a Beige Hallway


This chair rail idea is another perfect choice for you who want to create a warm hallway. The hallway oozes a warm atmosphere with its beige wall and wood floor. To make the hallway more impressive, white classic chair rail is installed on the hallway wall, along with white baseboard and crown molding.

All the chair rail ideas for hallway above feature white chair rail moldings. However, you can modify the color of the moldings if you need to. In modifying this color, it is essential to make sure that the color you choose matches the wall colors beautifully.

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