Importance Of Having Your Home Checked For Asbestos Before Renovation

Checked For Asbestos Before Renovation – Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral. It is widely used industrially due to its desired physical properties.

It is used in many building materials such as insulating walls, ceilings, pipes, and boilers. It is also used in sandstone and fireproof buildings, There are still many uses of asbestos, and those are a few of them.

What makes asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral. These fibers are microscopic that are even visible to the naked eye. It does not pose a threat if left intact and undisturbed.

The danger occurs when these fibers are disturbed, inhaled, and, if swallowed, enter the lungs and digestive tract. Asbestos is dangerous when crushed.

Crumbly means that asbestos shatters easily by hand, releasing fibers into the air that can be exhaled or swallowed.

However, when damaged or broken, it releases a cloud of microscopic fibers that can be quickly deposited in the human body and can cause serious health problems.

Why is asbestos testing before home renovation important?

Checked For Asbestos Before Renovation

Asbestos sampling can tell you whether or not the material in your home contains asbestos, but it also requires careful sampling of the material in question.

A professional can do these tests, or you can follow the professional instructions and do your tests.

In both cases, however, there is a risk that a small patch of asbestos-containing material may be disturbed, which can be harmful to health.

Asbestos testing in homes is an important process that should never be overlooked, especially when you want to do renovations because you want your home to be safe for you and your family.

These natural mineral fibers can resist fire and insulate heat. If these building materials are repaired, damaged, or improperly removed, they can release harmful asbestos fibers that can harm your family’s health.

For this reason, a thorough asbestos test should always be considered when renovating a home.

It is not easy to identify asbestos-containing building materials at a glance. It is best for qualified professionals to analyze it because they will know exactly what to look for.

Let them take the samples they need for analysis themselves and never try to do it alone. Improper sampling can increase the risk of asbestos exposure in your home, which is never good for you and your family.

Construction materials that may contain intact asbestos and could not be disturbed by renovation work are best left untouched unless it is absolutely necessary to test the asbestos.

If you suspect that your home may be exposed to asbestos, it is a good idea to have your family checked by a qualified asbestos removal company.

Number one rule for asbestos testing, don’t do it alone unless you are a professional. Only professionals who have experience with this procedure are allowed to perform it.

Remember that this is a harmful substance. If you are not familiar with this, you will only put your life in extreme danger. Please leave it to the asbestos testing experts.

Let these professionals take samples of materials from your home and let them do their job.

During this test, you must do asbestos sampling on the building materials and then analyze them to detect the presence of asbestos. The analysis that is done incorrectly will only endanger the family.

If you have the house rebuilt, the experts must examine the materials. However, if the wall or materials contain asbestos but are not compromised during construction, they must remain there and must not be touched.

Most houses built in and before the 1970s were most likely to contain asbestos. The most common materials that are positive for asbestos tests are ceilings, stoves, wood stoves, and textured paints.

Hazards of asbestos at home

Exposure to asbestos is dangerous

Exposure to asbestos is dangerous and has been linked to a number of health problems, including asbestosis and lung cancer.

For these reasons, asbestos contractors should be consulted to test the material. Asbestos testing is based on a standard procedure for detecting and removing asbestos from the household.

Asbestos is very likely to be found in insulation, especially in attics. As the material ages, small chips separate from the insulation and are inhaled by residents.

Once incorporated into the lungs, asbestos poses a significant health risk. Asbestos testing and removal are important to keep your family safe and to avoid health risks, including:

1. Mesothelioma

Another lung disease that requires asbestos testing in the household is this rare form of cancer that usually occurs in the membranes of various organs of the body, including the lungs and heart.

It can take years of actual exposure to asbestos for this disease to actually show signs and symptoms, including chest pain, shortness of breath, and night sweats.

2. Lung cancer

The increase in lung cancer rates has been directly linked to workers who handled asbestos regularly during their careers.

In addition to the lining of the bronchi, it is known that this cancer regularly develops in the trachea and air sacs of the lungs.

3. Digestive tract tumors

Due to their microscopic nature, asbestos fibers can be easily attached to food and beverages.

Undetectable by the human eye, by accommodating inside us, they can cause a variety of problems in the digestive tract and other areas such as the kidneys and colon.

4. Asbestosis

It also causes asbestosis, which includes chronic respiration and lung problems. There are also many other respiratory and lung diseases that can be attributed to asbestos exposure.

The main group of people at risk of developing an asbestos health problem are people who work directly with the substance.

Everyone has been slightly exposed during their lifetime, but people who disrupt asbestos fibers are most at risk of developing health problems.

Asbestos testing should only be performed by trained specialists. Doing it yourself can put you and your family in even greater danger.

However, if you are thinking of a renovation or you are worried about the condition as it may deteriorate, then you should only hire a certified asbestos inspector to remove it for you.

When planning a home renovation, never forget to test your housing potential for asbestos levels. Always remember that these seemingly harmless chemicals can become huge health risks for you and your family.

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