7 Concrete Front Steps Design Ideas for Different Houses

GripElements.com – Looking for the best material to create your front steps? There are two excellent materials you need to consider if strength and durability are your focus. Those two materials are concrete and stone. Pick the most outstanding concrete front steps design ideas to get durable and beautiful front steps.

Concrete front steps are able to withstand natural influences. They are also very resistant to high loads and abrasions. You don’t have to worry about mold and fungus if you choose concrete for your front steps.

1. Match It with The Walls

decorative concrete front steps

Many industrial houses are using concrete not only for the floor but also on the walls. If you are planning this kind of house, then using concrete for the front entrance and walls will be the best idea.

The unity between the walls and the floor is perfect. Pick industrial-themed metals for the windows and doors.

2. Concrete and Stone Combination

front concrete steps ideas

For a more natural look, you need to combine concrete and stone together. Those two materials are the most durable ones for your exterior.

Natural stones have a rougher texture and look than concrete. They will decorate your front steps while concrete will make sure everyone steps comfortably and safely.

3. Semi-Circle Concrete Front Steps

concrete front porch design ideas

Unlike the previous ones, this idea involves semi-circle concrete steps and more spaces on the floor. Those spaces are going to let the delivery place your package safely.

They can also let you place decorations like two potted plants on both sides of the doors. What ornament will you place on it?

4. Grass And Concrete Front Steps Design Ideas

how to pour concrete front steps

If your front yard is covered by beautiful grass and you don’t want anyone to step on it and ruin it, prepare a concrete pathway.

This concrete pathway is going to lead your guests to your front door without stepping on the grass. Consider adding some lamps to ease you see the pathway.

5. Decorate Your Front Yard with Rocks

how to make concrete front steps

Concrete is artificially made of natural stone. That’s why the best ornament to decorate your concrete front steps is the big rocks.

Place them around your concrete steps. Complete them with gorgeous plants and you’ll impress anyone with your modern combination of concrete, rocks, and flowers.

6. Cool Concrete Steps with Stone Pots

front entrance concrete front steps design ideas

If your concrete steps have more space and you want to decorate them with something natural, cool stone pots will be the best.

Fill those stone pots with green plants that will enhance the natural look of the exterior. Some flowers in the garden will make your concrete steps look more beautiful.

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7. Modern Concrete Steps with Curves

modern concrete front steps design ideas

Traditional concrete steps have rectangular or semi-circle shapes. But if you have a more modern house, consider designing concrete steps with modern curves like the ones in the pic. These wide steps allow you to place some pots of plants on the wider steps.

These seven concrete front steps design ideas are perfect for a traditional house, a modern house, and a house with a natural theme. Concrete will always be the best material for your exterior. It will not give up in facing changes in weather.

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