7 Bathroom Countertop Ideas for Different Interiors

GripElements.com – A bathroom should have an inviting design so that everyone won’t feel lazy to enter the room. One important part of a bathroom is its countertop where you can do many things like washing your face and brushing your teeth. That’s why you need to find some brilliant bathroom countertop ideas.

Bathroom countertop usually comes in two designs. The first is the single one with only one sink. However, many bigger bathrooms have a double bathroom countertop with two sinks. No matter which designs you desire, check out some countertop ideas below.

1. Rustic Bathroom Countertop

gray bathroom countertop ideas

A bathroom with a rustic interior should have bathroom furnishings with a rustic style as well. You can start building a rustic bathroom by placing a rustic countertop.

A wood-like countertop and wooden cabinets will look awesome for your rustic bathroom. A metal sink will perfect the countertop.

2. Modern Countertop for Modern Bathroom

master bathroom countertop ideas

Modern bathrooms also need modern bathroom furnishings. For example, this modern bathroom has frameless glass doors for the shower area. Modern lamps are hanging from the ceiling.

It looks more modern with a sleek bathroom countertop that has a combination of wood-like design and monochrome colors.

3. Floating Bathroom Countertop

laminate bathroom countertop ideas

Another way to make your modern bathroom more special is by using the same color and material for the furnishings. A white bathroom tub and white floating countertop will make your bathroom look super modern.

Add some modern ornaments like a white rug next to the tub and a white flower on the countertop.

4. Cool Grey Bathroom Countertop Ideas

cheap bathroom countertop ideas

If you are designing a masculine bathroom for a mancave, a grey bathroom countertop that has a sink in the same color is the best option.

Place some grey ornaments on the countertop, like a grey square vase, grey bottles, and a grey faucet. Some grey towels will perfect the design of this masculine bathroom.

5. Chic Beach Style Bathroom

tile bathroom countertop ideas

To decorate a chic beach-style bathroom, use white and blue for the countertop. A bathroom vanity with white sinks and countertop and blue cabinets under the countertop will represent the ocean.

Place some white ornaments on the countertop and hang blue framed mirrors on the wall.

6. Layered Bathroom Countertop

diy bathroom countertop ideas

An excellent way to decorate an ultramodern master bathroom is by mounting this layered bathroom vanity. The vanity has two levels of the countertop.

The higher one has a sink and there’s a frameless mirror above it. The lower level allows you to place some bathroom decorations, under the floating storage.

7. Simple And Chic Bathroom Countertop

inexpensive bathroom countertop ideas

If you use half-wall paneling in the bathroom, pick a bathroom countertop that has the same color as the upper side of the wall.

This is going to make your bathroom look more unique. Paint the ceiling of the bathroom the same color as the wall paneling. This is how you keep the room united.

Many bathroom countertop ideas will make your bathroom look amazing, as long as you know the right one.

Your bathroom countertop should accentuate the theme you apply in the bathroom. Get to know the different materials available so that you’ll choose the right one for your bathroom.

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