Find Out How to Keep The Bedroom Cool DuringThe Hot Weather

Excess warmth in the bedroom can make this resting place quite uncomfortable. During the hot weather, you need to think of ways to keep this room cool so that you can enjoy sleeping in it. Start by doing the following.

Block out most of the light

During the day, you should ensure that you keep the blinds or curtains drawn so that sun rays do not penetrate the bedroom.

Shutters that accompany blinds do a great job of blocking most of the light while at the same time promoting the flow of air into the room.

If you have lots of appliances or lights in the bedroom, consider turning them off when the weather is hot so that they do not generate too much heat.

As you think of the adjustments you need to make in the room, you should pay attention to the direction of your windows.

If, for instance, the windows in your bedroom face south, you can use thermal materials to keep it cool.

During the summer months, you should consider investing in wooden Venetian blinds that you can use in the bedroom. These can help regulate the temperature in the room.

Promote the flow of air in the room

Promote the flow of air in the room

Most people tend to leave their bedroom doors and windows open during the summer months to encourage air circulation.

Before you do this, it is essential to consider your bedroom windows in relation to the direction the sun faces.

If, for instance, your bedroom windows face south, you should close the blinds, especially during the daytime, to avoid light penetration.

Embrace nature in the bedroom

Adding house plants to this room will not only make it more appealing but also keep it cool.  These plants consume hot air and release water into the atmosphere.

The plants not only cool themselves, but they can also cool the environment. You can keep the bedroom cool by adding house plants such as palms and rubber plants.

This can also bring lots of fresh air into the bedroom to prevent it from feeling stuffy.

Pick the right mattress

Pick the right mattress

Sleeping on the wrong mattress during the summer can lead to discomfort. Since you can pick from many options, you should find out the favorite 2021 mattress that is in high demand and assess whether it is the right fit.

Choosing one that can regulate your body temperature is essential during hot weather. Get one that contains natural fillings like cotton or bamboo to keep the bedroom cool even when it is too hot.

You can also find models that are equipped with a cool gel that helps in temperature regulation.

Get the right sheets

As the seasons change, you should switch the sheets you use in the bedroom. Look for summer sheets that are made with natural materials.

Such sheets can freshen the bedroom and prevent stuffiness. Experts recommend using pure cotton sheets during hot weather since they are breathable and can therefore regulate the temperature in the bedroom.

Apart from the sheets, you should also ensure that you are using the right duvet during the summer months. Go for a light duvet that not only helps the bedroom look good but also prevents you from feeling excessively warm.

Consider repainting the bedroom walls

If your bedroom is directly under a roof, there is probably lots of heat transfer from the roof or walls.

Materials such as concrete and brick take hours to heat up and cool down.  During the summer months, such walls are filled with excess heat.

If these walls are next to your bedroom, you should think about repainting them.

Painting the walls with a brighter color can help in reflecting heat away from your bedroom. Do not paint the walls a darker color since this can absorb heat easily.

Reduce insulation in the room

If, for instance, your bedroom is located under the attic or upstairs, it can make it challenging for heat to escape this room.

By reducing the insulation in the room, you can help it remain cool even when it gets extremely hot. You should think about cooling the rooms below the bedroom to prevent too much hot air from rising up.

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