23 Amazing Covered Deck Ideas To Inspire You, Check It Out!

Covered Deck Ideas – Having deck right outside the house entrance, be it in front part or back part of the house is absolutely beneficial to the dwellers. It gives additional space for the family to do things together like gathering or simply enjoying the peaceful day on the weekend with complete members.

With that in mind, you will find several covered deck ideas in this article.

Why covered? Isn’t it costly? Well, yes, it is. However cover you want for your deck, it will still cost you. In few cases, covered deck can be highly pricey.

Yet, it will be the only problem with deck covering. The advantages you are going to get from it are way more than that. In other words, the comfort is worth the price.

First, with covered deck, you get to enjoy whatever activities at the deck anytime without being worried of the weather. Whether it is hot or wet, any climate won’t bother you.

When the sun shines too bright in summer, covered deck can limit you from UV rays exposure. And if you love to enjoy the view of the rain without being drenched, covered deck can also help you to do it.

Barbeque lovers will surely be fond of covered deck as it supports their favorite zeal in any kind of weather.

Nonetheless, never have fire-related activities on any plastic or wooden deck, though it is covered. The materials are flammable, that’s why.

Second, having your deck covered also can be a way of maintaining the said area. The fall leaves in autumn and even snow in winter won’t cause you more problems.

Third, covered deck can be of any help to your gardening passion. You can start planting outdoor some times in spring before summer comes.

Last but not least, covered deck can also help you in drying the laundry. Oh, think about how much electricity bills you can save from doing so.

Now, after feeling certain of having them, check these ideas of covered decks provided below.

Roof Extension Covering

backyard covered deck ideas

This one can hit you two birds with one stone. Roof extension is the covering type where the upper floor expands over the deck space.

So, you have wider second floor which at the same time can be used as deck covering. No need extra effort to make your deck covered if your second storey is happened to be of mentioned here.

The covered deck shown in the picture has some area which left uncovered. With roof extension type of covering, the uncovered area is what differentiates covered deck from porch.

Pay attention also to the color selection. White and bright yellow gorgeously contrast the dark tones in the covering, flooring, and furniture.

cheap covered deck ideas

This covered deck in the picture also belongs to roof extension type. From a single glance you just know it was built with precise measurement, don’t you?

Not to mention the precise consideration of contrasting two different tones. While the surroundings are in dark tone, the deck brings its brightness by having much lighter scheme.

What catches people’s attention is the glass railing with parapet profile. It is such a brave decision to use glass as the deck railing.

Please ask for advice from the experts about glass parapet if you are interested in installing it also, especially the safety function it holds. One thing for sure is your children cannot climb it since it is sleek.

covered deck decorating ideas

Now this one is slightly different from the previous two. This roof extension type of covering is designed in such a way so that people upstairs inside of the house can see what happens in the deck downstairs outside of the house. And so do people downstairs. It is pretty interesting.

The glass screens also play a big role in the design. They somewhat present the feel of being included with the main building, but it’s not.

In other words, they offer huger range of sight, and it’s great. They also bring additional light and therefore help you to save energy. All thanks to the see-through walls designated perfectly here.

Covered Deck with Retractable Awning

covered deck heating ideas

If you look for deck covering which can be retracted and extended, the awning will be the best option for you. This way, you can have the perfect deck to enjoy the outside world.

When it’s snowy or rainy or too hot, extend the covering. When the weather is too nice for you to be inside, retract the covering.

The covered deck in the picture is an example of what the awning looks like. It is made of fabric which gives it retractable and extendable functions.

If you put heavy unmovable furniture at the deck, do not forget to retract the covering whenever the weather is not friendly. Any single negligence will cause harm to your beloved furniture.


  • It protects not only outdoor furnishings, but also indoor items which usually exposed to sun light.
  • Retractable awning is more durable than non-retractable one.


  • It is expensive though it’s fabric, moreover the motorized one.
  • Awning needs to be cleaned, at least once every season. Or else, it collects another problem with dust and dirt.

Covered Deck with Pergola

covered deck decorating ideas

Pergola type of covering is pretty popular. People love it for its appearance and structure which supports in growing some greenery like shown in the picture. This example is a great pergola design that lets a lot of natural light in and protects people under it from the rain.

The roofing is made of glass which allows you to see the sky through it without hurting your eyes. Comfortable is the adjective that best describes this covered deck.

But, what surely invites people from spending time there is the accentuation of pink flowers that give color to the center and the side of the deck.

covered deck and patio ideas

Well, this pergola might win your heart because of its design and not its function. It doesn’t has the function of protecting you either from the rain or overheat.

So, never place fabric furnishings under it, or else they could get damaged in no time. Place wooden, metal, and glass ones instead like exemplified in the picture.

One clever idea to be applied to this type of pergola is grow vines. That way you can have natural roofing and make different use of this wooden deck covering. Though it needs some time to grow such plants, but still imagine how fresh and lively your deck will be.

half covered deck ideas

This is quite a calming view. The deck, railing, and pergola in it are visually harmonious because they share similar tone.

Like the previous one, it doesn’t have the function of protecting people under it from the rain, but it is able to offer shade and shelter sense. It is also kind of unique with octagonal shape it has.

This pergola type is an extraordinary idea of covering your small deck placed in the corner into some space that gives you extra place to spend time at. You can complete the whole look with hanging plants and lighting for evening activities.

Pavilion Covered Deck

glass covered deck ideas

Pavilion is a very good selection. You can get it permanently built on some part of your deck or purchase a portable one that can be set up.

By ‘some part’, it means that a single pavilion cannot cover the whole deck by itself. So, it leaves your deck with both covered and uncovered areas.

That side of advantage is pretty nice. When you want to feel direct natural light, be at the uncovered area. And when it’s too hot but you still want to spend some time outdoor, be at the covered area.

It could be a perfect option if only it comes with the right size large enough to have comfortable seating for some people at once without feeling cramped.

The pavilion in the picture shows that the props and frame set are sturdy enough to hold a big hanging fan. With that capability, the deck owner makes use of it by placing a table set along with the chairs that have similar tone right under the fan. And since it is dusty outside, a rug is placed in the middle below the table.


  • Pavilion is cheaper than pergola.
  • It has screens and curtains to keep the people under it from insects.


  • The set-up ones are pretty much unstable and have the possibility to collapse in heavy snow or high wind.

Gazebo Covered Deck

half covered deck ideas

It is uncommon to have a gazebo at the deck because of its structure. But having one of it is cool, especially if you love to eat in the open.

The gazebo shown in the picture above is big enough to place a sofa set beside the outdoor dining room. Imagine how cozy it is to entertain your guests there. Also, it has curtains also to keep you some privacy if needed.

covered deck ideas plans

This hybrid gazebo is kind of unique. It is perfectly enclosed which provide the best coverage from any weather while you’re in it. As addition, your walkway from inside the house to the gazebo is covered also.


  • Gazebo adds your home value since you have to permanently build it. And once built, it becomes the additional room to your home.
  • It comes in various styles and materials.
  • Since it is very sturdy, you can have electricity and other accessories in it.


  • Gazebo is surely expensive.

Full-on Deck Roof

covered deck and patio ideas

It is often called a porch roof. To build this full-on deck roof, you have to go through the same process as to build regular roof for home. Rafters, supporting posts, roofing material, and deck sheathing are required here.

You can design it as stand-alone roof or attach it to the house. The latter option adds strength while the former is simpler.

The deck roof shown in the picture is designed to be freestanding. It has the same structure as the regular roof. Here are some bonus tips to make it into perfection.

Install curtains to keep you away from insects and consider leaving some part of the deck uncovered to avoid feeling stuffed or cramped underneath.

Screened-in Covered Deck

covered deck ideas for mobile homes

This is the kind of pool covering, actually, but let’s just assume it is covered deck since the deck is covered also. Having this covering type will guarantee you free from bugs, rain, and warm sunlight. The one in the picture is a combination of roof extension and screened-in pool. Excellent.


  • You can enjoy the coziness of spending time outdoor without being worried of getting sunburned.
  • Screened-in deck helps the outdoor furniture to last longer.
  • It also raises property value.


  • Screens are easily torn.

Four Season Sunroom

covered deck and patio ideas

You can make four season sunroom by covering your deck with attached roof and a lot of windows. By doing so, you have an extra room in your house that has the feel of both outdoor and indoor.


  • Sunroom comes in various styles.
  • Sunroom lets in plenty of natural light to the extent you can cut down some electricity bills.
  • It is multifunctional.


  • Adding a sunroom will cost you a lot.
  • It has less privacy with the open and bright concept.

Craftsman Deck Covering

covered deck flooring ideas

This covered deck has the touch of Craftsman with the open concept, design, and beam. Let’s just say that the designer takes care of the details thoroughly.

It can be seen from the lovely finished cedar ceiling with lighting at each post. You can spend the entire day there, from day to evening.

Rustic Deck Covering

covered back deck ideas

Rustic is still alive, ladies and gentlemen! And if you want it to adorn your deck, this picture above can give you a reference.

This covered deck structure is built permanently with clever calculation for summer. It works harmoniously with the main building and the backyard. And the whole view is completed with the landscaping.

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