7 Creative DIY Solar Pool Heater Ideas to Heat Up Your Water

DIY Solar Pool Heater Ideas – Pools are always accessible during summer. The problem is, as the temperature drops, you either have to use a heater to make it accessible or close it.

Here’s an inexpensive solution to make your pool accessible: use a solar pool heater. It need not be expensive, as our DIY solar pool heater ideas below will show you.

Why go the DIY way, you ask? There are plenty of reasons why but there are two main reasons: cost and reliability.

A solar pool heater is typically not expensive, even more so if you make one yourself. As long as you have access to sunlight, which you probably will, a DIY solar pool is reliable.

1. Coiled Black Hose

diy solar pool for heater

We all know how hot a black hole can get when it is exposed to direct sunlight. Why not use it to heat up your water?

Here’s a tip: if you have a small pool, use fewer black hoses. Likewise, if you have a large pool, use more black hoses.

2. Black Hose on the Roof

Black Hose on the Roof

Perhaps the idea of having a black hose coiling near your pool is not that enticing for you? In that case, put the hose on the rooftop.

This not only allows the hose to absorb heat better but also hides them from your sight. All the benefits without the sight.

3. DIY Solar Pool Heater Ideas: Hula Hoop

Hula Hoop for pool

This is certainly among the most ingenious DIY solar pool heater ideas. All you need is several hula hoops, attach polyethylene film to them.

Toss them into the pool and you are all set. When you don’t need them? Just remove them. It’s as inexpensive and easy as it gets.

4. Out of Sight

best solar pool

This is another idea if you don’t like the sight of your solar pool heater and keep the aesthetics of your pool. Just place the solar heater on the roof.

Since it is out of sight, it is out of mind. The water is heated but no heater is visible.

5. Copper Coil

Copper Coil for pool heater

Perhaps you are willing to spend more money on this DIY project? Consider using copper coil then. Copper is an excellent heat conductor.

Using it for your solar heater will make the heating process much more effective. Definitely worth the money if you want to enjoy warm water year-round.

6. Aluminum Soda Cans

solar pool heater

You have lots of aluminum cans you don’t use and want a solar pool heater. Here’s how to kill two birds with one stone: make a solar pool heater with them.

Paint the cans in black, put them in a safe, protected frame, and use it to heat your water.

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7. Above Ground

Above Ground pool ideas

What if you don’t like your solar pool heater in your pool? In that case, make one outside the pool, above the ground.

Just make sure that the heater is placed where it can bask in the sunlight and is well-protected. And there you have it. A convenient DIY pool heater.

That’s our list of DIY solar pool heater ideas. Making your pool more accessible need not be expensive. You just need a bit of ingenuity, time, and effort. So, what do you think? Which idea do you like to try?

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