Inspiring Design Ideas for Your Ensuite Bathroom

The perfect place to let out all the creativity in you is a bathroom. Regardless of the size, your ensuite bathroom can become your private little sanctuary and a perfect place to relax. 

If you are lucky and own an ensuite bathroom, you will need some ideas for its design. This guide gives you all you need to create your dream bathroom. Choices are ranging from bathroom furniture, showers, lights, storage, mirrors, and even colours.

Ensuite Ideas

We’ve taken the burden off your shoulders by compiling these design ideas to get you started. A great place to get some initial inspiration is with storage solutions.

You can find more wall storage ideas for your bathroom to help you create your sanctuary. So let’s dive in and find out some ideas to make your ensuite a perfect haven.

Get a demarcation

Privacy is a must in an ensuite design. You may decide to add doors or even settle for curtains. The beauty of this is that the divider adds to the aesthetic of your bedroom.

Aside from adding an opaque divider to maintain privacy, you may opt for a smoked glass panel. With glass panels, your ensuite has access to natural light from your bedroom.

However, glass panels may not suit everyone’s taste and require a spacious bedroom. Whatever suits your preference, you are at liberty to try it out.

Vanity units

Bathroom furniture and storage space in your ensuite is a must. However, when working with a small space, you can use wall-hung storage to increase the floor space whilst still benefiting from storage.

Wall-hung vanity units are an excellent choice for an ensuite. The extra space underneath makes the room feel bigger. With vanity units, there is even the option of a combined unit.

These units combine toilet, basin, and storage into one package while revealing more room for more storage units. You could as well opt for a wall-hung toilet for a modern feel.

Showers, wet room or Baths

Getting either a shower or bath is usually decided by the size of your ensuite. With limited space, working with a wet room is an excellent option for your ensuite.

Corner shower enclosures are another ideal option for small spaces to maximize space. If you are lucky enough to have a lot of space, installing a walk-in shower looks fantastic.

Adding a little bit of luxury with a free-standing bath is an appealing option. Although this is larger, it provides a real luxury and tranquil feel to your bathroom.


You really can’t take away the importance of proper lighting from your project. With lights, you can never have too much.

If you are lucky enough to have natural light, then use it, but electric lights can be added to the ceiling or around a mirror to reflect light around the room. 


Choosing colours can be tricky, especially when working with small spaces; however, colours are a perfect tool for transforming a small space into a spacious area.

To get the most out of colours, we recommend lighter colours that reflect light and make the room feel bigger.

Bathroom mirror

Mirrors are another design trick up our sleeves.

Mirrors reflect lights to help brighten up your bathroom. Bathroom mirrors vary in size, shape, and design. With mirrors, you can be brave and let your creativity run wide.

Aside from brightening up your bathroom room, you can opt for a bathroom mirror cabinet to maximise space and storage. With small bathrooms, keeping clutter to a minimum is a top priority.

Texture and shape

Adding texture to your small ensuite bathroom may likely be the best to sprinkle a little bit of your personality into this space.

Add texture with woodwork to reveal some country looks. You can incorporate granite, marble, and concrete on bathroom counters. 

With tiles, you can influence the impact your bathroom has. We recommend larger tiles, as they make the bathroom look bigger. Smaller tiles make bathrooms appear crowded. 


My ensuite doesn’t have a window. Can I fix it?

You’ll need to invite the experts to help you construct a window. A windowless bathroom is often not as desirable because bathrooms need proper ventilation to let out humid air.

When adding a window, you don’t need planning permissions. You can also just opt for a ceiling fan to help with humidity.

What storage accessories can I add to my ensuite?

There are so many options you could choose from. Adding attractive baskets is a good storage option.

A wall-mounted soap dispenser, toilet roll holders, towel hooks, and a well-hung toothbrush holder are storage accessories you can incorporate.

All of this would keep your basin tidy and reduce clutter. These are more tips on ensuite bathroom ideas you could try out.

Can I add a powder room to my ensuite?

Yes, you can! The size of your ensuite is not a determinant. For example, adding a stool at the end of a basin/vanity unit would do if you have little space.

Alternatively, if your ensuite has a lot more area, you can include a dressing table.


Constructing an ensuite bathroom is the perfect getaway for relaxation. And at the same time offering you the serene environment of a luxury hotel to unwind.

There are many design ideas, but these simple tips will help decide what to do with your ensuites space.

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