7 Best Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas

Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas – As a crafter, having a messy room because of Cricut supplies is something normal. However, will you let your space have one?

You should have organized them into the storage, so it helps you to craft more. Here are some Cricut vinyl storage ideas which are cute yet simple for your room.

Best Cricut Vinyl Storage Ideas

Wall holder

Cricut Vinyl Storage

You can find various bag holders at the shop to place your Cricut vinyl. The shape is quite unique, and there are many holes in the holder.

Later, you just put the vinyl horizontally. This is the best organization when you have much space on the wall. 

Each wall holder can contain a lot of vinyl. People choose this one to categorize the Cricut vinyl based on the shades of color.

This holder is literally made for you who have a crafting hobby with this material. The good news is the prices are low everywhere.


basket cricut storage

Not all vinyl shapes roll. Some of the circuits are like a piece of sheet, so putting them in a DIY basket will help you do the organization.

The first thing to do is separate the inside of the basket. Each part is marked using the color code, so it’s easier to find them later. 


Cabinet cricut storage

If you have too many Cricut vinyls, it’s time to consider having a cabinet. This option of Cricut vinyl storage ideas is well-known as versatile storage.

Not only the vinyl to put there but also other items in your house. The cabinet is also simple yet beautiful to place in any room.

The more you have parts in the cabinet, the more space to categorize each vinyl. If the door of the cabinet is transparent, name each door with the code of vinyl from color to pattern.

Rotating carousel

vinyl roll storage ideas

The shape of this storage is similar to a plate. Yet, it’s a carousel for the Cricut vinyl. It’s the best option if you want to organize the vinyl into one place and easy to move everywhere.

You don’t have to pay much, yet it gives a sophisticated look for your space.

Mini container

vinyl roll storage

Actually, vinyl doesn’t need special treatment. It can be placed everywhere, even in a container.

As long as the length fits, a container is also a good option for the hacks. The transparent one looks nicer for your space. At least, the container prevents your Cricut vinyl from dust.

Portable rack

Portable rack cricut storage


The portable rack can fit the Cricut at the top part. Other parts are similar to the drawer or shelf where you can put many storages inside.

Each storage is used to classify the vinyl from texture, color to pattern. The mini wheels at the bottom help it to move around the room.

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Versatile basket 

Versatile basket cricut storage ideas

Baskets for your laundry are useless? Make it as your Cricut vinyl storage. You simply put the roll in the basket, then place them in your workshop room. It’s better than letting the vinyl rolls scattered on the floor.

By having the storage for your Cricut vinyl, you can use them again for your next craft.

The Cricut vinyl storage ideas are the best solutions for your space. Not only to make it tidy but also to gather them based on the color.

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