7 Clever Ribbon Storage Ideas to Organize Your Room

Ribbon Storage Ideas – Having plenty of ribbons and don’t know how to keep them tidy? Unorganized ribbons can turn your space into chaos. Luckily, there are plenty of ribbon storage ideas to choose from.

You can either craft your own with little skills or get some fancy, store-bought organizers to declutter your space.

No matter your preferences, ribbon storage becomes essential to rescue your space. These organizers are designed to keep spools of ribbon in place so you can avoid messy piles.

What’s great is that the storage helps cut your time in choosing and getting desired ribbons. 

7 Ribbon Storage Ideas

While storage boxes and containers are the simplest ribbon organizers, you can opt for creative options like a space-saving standing rack and handy spool rack.

Can’t decide just yet? Let’s take a closer look at the clever storage ideas below and see how you like them in your space.

1. Super Simple Ribbon Organizer

Super Simple Ribbon Organizer

Don’t have much time to prepare tricky DIY ribbon storage? Get a gift box and transform it into a super simple ribbon organizer.

You can easily store dozens of ribbon spools of any sort of size. Arrange by color or size to make your storage box more eye-catching.

2. Ribbon Spool Rack for Easier Access

Ribbon Spool Rack for Easier Access

With little to no woodworking skills, you can create a DIY ribbon spool rack just like this. The wooden stand is quite easy to make—even it only takes a couple of hours.

Despite the simplicity, it can be one of the best, easy-to-access ribbon organizers, especially for small spaces.

3. DIY Paper Ribbon Organizer

DIY Paper Ribbon Organizer

If you have a few collections of ribbons, then a DIY paper ribbon organizer can be a suitable option.

Using recycled paper, you can create papercrafts to roll the ribbons. What’s interesting is that it has a hole for easier storage, either in a rack, hook or elsewhere.

4. Standing Ribbon Spool Rack

Standing Ribbon Spool Rack


Avid ribbon lovers must have a large collection of ribbons. If you just can’t get space for them, try this standing ribbon spool rack.

Made from wood material, it is equipped with some poles to handle the spools. This storage not only keeps your ribbons in place but also decorates your room.

5. Creative Rack for Ribbon Collection

Creative Rack for Ribbon Collection

Here’s one of the coolest ribbon storage ideas for DIY enthusiasts. The creative rack is designed to store all sorts of ribbon spools.

It comes with stoppers to prevent your ribbon spools from rolling down. Adjust rack size depending on your needs.

6. Vertical Ribbon Holder for Any Size

Vertical Ribbon Holder for Any Size

These vertical ribbon holders are worth the thought for they have a cute and space-saving design.

It is not only a ribbon organizer but also a tabletop decoration for any given room. Play with color and size to transform your spools storage into a nice focal point.

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7. Ribbon Organizer with Pegboard

Ribbon Organizer with Pegboard

Turn your unused pegboard into a versatile ribbon organizer. Combining pegboard and portable shelves, this is one of the best ribbon storage ideas to make the most out of vertical space.

You can either make it a special organizer for ribbons or use it as multipurpose storage for other stuff.

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