Essential Tips for Making Your Home Safer for Elderly Parents

Our homes should be a place where we all feel safe, but how safe is it really? For our elderly parents, the home can be a hazardous environment. One way to keep them safe is to senior-proof your home!

Bring the latest trends in senior independent living into your home to give mom and dad a safe and dignified living space. Here are things to do to keep your parents safe in your home:

1. Declutter!

Keep floors and open species free of extra junk to prevent any trips, slips, and falls. So, if you have been postponing that long-overdue spring cleaning for a while now, this would be a good time to start! 

You can rearrange furniture, reorganize your closets, cabinets, pantries, shelves, and make everything easily accessible. Not only will this lead to a safer home, but a much better-looking one at that!

2. Say Goodbye (for now) to Rugs

Home Safer for Elderly Parents

We all like a spark of color and style on our floors, but how safe are they for our elderly parents? They may be trendy, but they’re also tripping hazards.

It is hard for some older people to raise their feet high enough to safely cross uneven floor surfaces.

Thick rugs and rugs that aren’t secured beneath with a non-slip matt need to be relieved of duty for a while. If you still need mats for your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or stairs, purchase those with non-slip treads. 

3. Update the Lights

Make sure your living space is bright and visible! Consider bright diffused light so that details in the floor and surrounding furniture are well illuminated.

Install motion sensor lighting along with dangerous areas like the staircase or steps up and down split-level homes.  

Upgrading to LED lighting will certainly save you on the bills. For some of those additional lighting, you may need an electrician to ensure that they’re safely installed and working as they should. 

4. Enhance Bathroom Safety

The bathroom is one area with high slip rates due because of water. In addition to anti-slip mats, consider installing a shower bench beneath the showerhead.

Doing so makes it safer and more accessible for seniors to shower independently without assistance, and it keeps you worry-free of the chances of them slipping. 

Also, install grab bars to ease their movement and maintain balance. This tip is not only useful in the bathroom but by the beside and couch too! 

5. Buy a Pill Organizer

If your seniors are on any medication, this will make your life (and theirs) easier. If they stay with you for a while, a pillbox will help keep them on schedule and ensure that they take the drugs as they should, even when you’re not around.

Most pill organizers are divided into an entire week compartment and are refilled weekly. You could also set daily alert alarms that conveniently remind them to take their medication and not skip any dosage.

6. Consider An Emergency Service Like Life-Alert

There are times when you’ll have homecare for them, and at times, there won’t be any. Either way, it’s essential to keep your seniors on guard by providing emergency contacts that they can reach out to in case of an emergency. 

Have an emergency number written on the doors for them to dial and also set up a speed dial number on their phones which they can use in such times when you’re unreachable.

You can also hire a home care agency or a live-in caregiver to watch them and keep them company while you are out at work or on vacation.

With these simple additions and adjustments, you’re almost guaranteed that your seniors are well secured when they’re in your home, whether you’re around or not. It also makes them feel welcomed and supported in their adult life.

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