11 Beautiful Deck Shade Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

If you are looking for a relaxing place for the family, here are best deck shade ideas that can protect you from the sun.

Creative Deck Shade Ideas

The Sail Shades

Sail Shade ideas

The shades most often used are sail-shaped. The term sail is used because of its shape that stretches like a sail on a ship.

You only need to attach 3 poles to attach the sides. The installation is also relatively inexpensive, saves energy, and the materials are easily available on the market. If the cover is dirty, you can remove it and then wash it.

The Pergola

Pergola deck ideas

Pergola is a classic shade but gives an elegant impression. Pergola consists of several pieces of wood or bamboo that are arranged in spacing as slate.

In the morning, the deck will be illuminated by the sun through the gap of the pergola. Slate is generally made of wood with the same shape. If you want a unique impression, you can try irregular shapes such as twigs.

You can install a pergola by covering the entire deck or only half of it. Each slate must use high quality wood so that it is not easily brittle because it is exposed to water when it rains.

It’s a good idea to use a pergola paint in the same color as the deck. Besides being classic, the patio will also look classy.

Umbrella Deck

Umbrella Deck Design

The use of umbrella as a shade for the patio will give a simple impression and a beach atmosphere.

Umbrellas are easy to find in various forms, ranging from the center pole to the side pole. They are also cheaper than installing other shades of shade.

You can easily change the color of the umbrella according to your mood at any time.

In the market, umbrella for the patio is easy to get. Use the size that suits your needs. Small size will probably only cover part of the deck and centered only in the middle.

It’s different if the size is large because it will protect you from sun and rain. Choose a bright color so that it can reflect sunlight during the day.

Canopy Shades

Canopy Shade Idea

The green theme in the house can be supported with green shades on the patio. You can use a green shade for the deck with a pergola.

The pergola will support vines like grapes and passion fruit. When you are on the patio, it will feel cool because the sunlight is covered by vine plants.

But before choosing this deck shade ideas, make sure you are diligent in caring for the plants and cleaning the deck. The deck will get dirty easily by plants, fallen fruit, or maybe caterpillars.

Grapes also need special care in order to grow properly. Use furniture that is easy to clean when choosing this shade.

Curtain Shades

Curtain Shade Ideas

If you still feel incomplete with just a gazebo, use curtains on each side. Choose a curtain with transparent material so that it gives a cool impression but does not block light.

You can also use the curtain only on the East and West sides to block the light.


deck shade ideas

Although they may seem old-fashioned, awnings can be used to create shade on your patio. You can choose the awning option that is fixed with glass or canvas material that can be rolled up when not in use.

The two awnings will give you a modern impression. Awnings are usually used for decks that blend into your home.

Retractable Awnings

best deck shades

Retractable awnings give the deck a modern feel. This type of awning differs from the usual in that it is attached to the upper frame of the pergola.

You can install it in full or in half, as needed. This model is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also makes outdoor life from home fun.

Awnings can also serve to hold rainwater from hitting the deck or sunlight during the day.

Likewise, when there is a strong wind, the awning will hold up from the top so that the furniture under the patio will not be disturbed or cluttered.

Some awnings are specially designed to be easy to put on and off. It’s also generally bright and attractive.


Trellis on the deck

Putting the trellis on the deck is the right choice. If the deck is large in size, trellis will create an aesthetic shade spot.

The structure is similar to a pergola, although the roof is completely covered. You can use wood or metal materials. Then, add a vine-like garden to make it look green.


Best Pavilion deck ideas

This shade area gives an expensive impression to your property. The construction of pavilions also takes up more budget than other forms.

You need a frame that comes from sturdy wood material. At the top of the pavilion in general use tiles.

Usually, pavilions have a more closed shape with a frame on the side. Some people like screened in from bamboo on the edges.

The purpose of this screen is to block the pavilion from the side sun rays or as the owner’s privacy. When you are going to sell a house with a pavilion, the added value will be greater in the eyes of the buyer.

Semipermanent gazebo

gazebo shade idea

You can install a semi-permanent gazebo for the deck. Apart from the low budget, the gazebo can be removed when summer is over.

This type of gazebo is easy to find on the market with a sturdy aluminum material. Unfortunately this option may not be the right choice if you live in an area with lots of strong winds.


tree with a large canopy

A tree with a large canopy can be used as a beautiful shade area for your home. Position the tree in the middle to shade the surrounding decks.

Maybe this will take a long time. If you already have the tree, you can immediately make a deck to beautify the exterior of the house.

The shaded area on the exterior of the house adds value to your home. You can use it to spend time with your family, relax in the sun, or just drink at night.

The deck shade ideas above can be used as inspiration to make your patio a comfortable and fun place.

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