7 Creative DIY Pipe Computer Desk Ideas to Improve Productivity

Working from home requires you to spend a lot of time before the computer screen. This can be exhausting, moreover if you don’t have a proper computer desk at home. But there is nothing to worry about as you can build a DIY pipe computer desk.

This humble and creative handcrafted desk can deliver all the comfort that you need to support extended worktime.

Creating a pipe computer desk is not an easy project and yet it is not impossible to do. With basic woodworking skills and a little bit creativity, you can handle this project in a few hours.

Just make sure to choose desk idea that suits your skill level. What are you waiting for? Keep scroll through the inspiring ideas below!

DIY Pipe Computer Desk Ideas

Glossy-Finished Wood and Pipe Computer Desk

Glossy-Finished Wood Ideas

If you love something neat and tidy, this DIY computer desk can be taken into consideration. Made of industrial pipe and glossy-finished hardwood, this desk idea looks sleek and clean.

The standing pipe desk has extra compartments and drawers to keep everything in place.

L-Shaped Desk to Save Space

L-Shaped Desk Ideas

L-shaped desk meets your demand for ample yet space-saving computer desk to work comfortably from home. The furniture utilizes your abandoned corner for better mobility inside the room.

This desk comes with simple cut and design, combining industrial pipe and plywood for an affordable but durable DIY furniture piece.

Computer Desk with Extra Shelves

DIY Pipe Computer Desk

The smaller your space, the more creative you should be. This pipe computer desk is a great space-saver, thanks to additional shelves that allow you to store books, knick-knacks, or collectibles without consuming space on the desktop.

The mixture of durable pipe and hardwood makes this desk long lasting.

Overhead Compartment for Additional Storage

DIY Pipe Computer Desk

Leaving your workstation repeatedly for a document or supporting device can be troublesome. But with this computer desk, you can keep everything within reach.

Thanks to overhead storage that stretches along the desk, allowing you to store documents or anything. Simply slide your chair to grab what you need.

Computer Desk with File Cabinet

File Cabinet for computer desk

If you plan to build an extended computer desk but need to minimize the use of pipe, employ a file cabinet to support the top. Added with floating shelves, your home office looks more stylish and functional.

Pipe Desk with Cabinet Support

Cabinet Support for Computer

This computer desk looks sturdy with thick wood top. Supported by durable industrial pipe and file cabinet, you don’t need to worry about its strength for the heavy load. Coming with simple design, your basic woodworking skill can easily handle this project.

Industrial Style with Floating Shelves

Industrial Style Idea

The last but not least, this rustic industrial computer desk looks great in your home office. The desk is wide enough for two, allowing you to share with your partner. The pipe and wood floating shelves accentuate industrial style that you adopt.

Building a DIY computer desk does not have to drain your savings. You can be creative with cheap materials such as industrial pipe and wood to create a unique, personalized desk to improve your productivity.

It’s time to upgrade your woodworking skill with those DIY pipe computer desk ideas.

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