5 Popular Different Types of Ceilings Used in Any Home

The design of ceilings becomes one of the important elements in any house. Ceilings can affect the whole mood of a room either from their style or height. With so many different types of ceilings available, you will be amazed at how each of them has special characteristics and the ability to change mood and look.

Since wonderful ceilings are parts of creative architecture, it is important for every homeowner to take into account a wide variety of ceilings if he plans to renovate a home.

Get to know some of these popular ceiling options for their characteristics in order to help you choose the best one to apply to your home.

5 Different Types of Ceilings

The Beauty of Simple Flat Ceiling

Beauty of Simple Flat Ceiling

Known to be a standard style, flat ceiling is beautiful especially for you who love simple home design. Designed the ceiling flat gives the space an appearance of high ceilings than when it’s added with beams or trays.

For elegant look, you can spice up flat ceiling with intricate pendant.

Tray Ceiling or Recessed Ceiling for More Leveling

Recessed Ceiling for More Leveling

Tray or recessed ceiling is a type where the central part is higher like it’s inverted from the surroundings.

It’s a simple design but gives the room more depth and spacious effect. It can be spiced up with some finishing touches adding some layers on the top for bigger illusion.

The Most Decorative Option among Different Types of Ceilings, The Speciality Moldings

different types of ceiling

The speciality moldings are a perfect style if you want to transform a space into classic design. It gives a Victorian touch in any room it’s made and gives it grand appeal.

Speciality moldings work well on various interior designs even when you complement this ceiling with any modern elements.

The Unique Geometric Pattern of Coffered Ceiling

Unique Pattern of Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceilings appear when the whole ceiling has multiple similar square recessed panels. For decorative look, each recessed panel can be decorated with molding or paired with beams.

Compared with different types of ceilings, it adds dimension to any room whilst in some ways give formal look.

The Warm Character of Beamed Ceiling

Warm Character of Beamed Ceiling

Basically, beamed ceilings gives traditional look due to exposed supporting wooden beams installed inside your house.

But, for a modern home, faux beams installed across the room can be a good replacement as it gives the same effect. Exposed beams provide both warm and whimsical feeling in any room it’s installed.

With an abundance of options available these days, selecting which one to install in your house actually depend on your own need and preference.

However, several types of modern ceilings have now become more popular. They worth considering if you want to decorate a house with minimalist or modern design.

Even though simple and conventional ceilings are popular due to their timeless look, you don’t merely need to put your choice on them.

Once again, different types of ceilings have their own special features that might better suit your home design.

So, take into account each type of ceiling wisely and match with ceiling in your visualization. It will help you to decide the best ceiling to create in your home.

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