Get to Know 5 Different Types of Trim Mostly Installed at Home

Trim plays important role in any interior design because it covers not only practical purposes but also decorative ones. There are different types of trim that add style and color to the room.

Trim is popularly known among people to shield gaps between two parts of the room.

Frequently made from wood, now trim materials are more varied to meet the shielding need of a different room. You can find the ones made from synthetic materials to others created from plaster.

Whenever you plan to add surface protection, consider these types of trim to be applied in your room.

5 Different Types of Trim

The Highly Famous Crown Molding

Highly Famous Crown Molding

Like its name, crown molding places the top position among trims as it’s mostly installed in any home. Used to shield the gaps between walls and ceiling, this type of trims provides an illusion for a higher ceiling.

Although doesn’t require ornaments, a bit of decoration may uplift the space.

The Humbles Style of Baseboard

different type of trim

Work oppositely to crown molding, baseboard protects area where wall bump into the floor. Extend from three to five inches from the floor, this trim has a simpler and plainer look since it’s commonly hidden behind furniture.

Considered as one of popular trims, baseboard sometimes comes in a semi-circular design.

Picture Frame Molding, the Most Decorative Design among Different Types of Trim

Picture Frame Molding Ideas

Known as one of the most decorative designs, picture frame molding is created in the wall similar to a picture frame. Although can be used to display art, it’s frequently used only as a visual component in any room.

This single trim serves as focal point whilst some highlight paneling.

The Useful Type, a Chair Rail

Best Chair Rail Ideas

As one of practical types amid different types of trim, a chair rail gives wall protection from any chair bump. This trim is installed approximately on one-third area of wall from the floor.

Reduces potential damage on walls, chair rail is often installed in dining rooms, sometimes with paneling underneath.

The Protective and Purposive Type, a Picture Rail

different type of trim

Picture rails have their own purpose which is to hang any art without harming the wall. This trim is created about one or two feet beneath the ceiling.

Although purposely use to replace walls for displaying arts, these days it serves as a decorative component on its own wherever installed.

Trim is available in a wide variety of types and each of them has its own purpose. Some serve to cover transition areas while others are used to highlight any part of the architecture.

Despite their specific function, they are known as a decorative element in any home.

With so many different types of trim that we can found today, sometimes it can be rather difficult to tell them apart. However, knowing the function and the characteristics of each type helps you to decide easier.

The key is the purpose of its installation. Know how you will use the trim in your house. Is it for protection or decoration?

By taking into account the purpose, it will be really helpful for you to narrow down your choice and select the best type of trim that suits the best with the room

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