Keep Your Home Gym Organized with These 7 DIY Dumbbell Rack Ideas

DIY Dumbbell Rack Ideas – A dumbbell rack can help your home gym to be more organized. And who wouldn’t like working out in an organized gym? Here’s the problem: dumbbell racks can be expensive.

Is there any way you can get a rack without breaking the bank? Of course. To help you organize your home gym, we listed 7 DIY dumbbell rack ideas you can try below.

1. Wooden Rack

DIY Dumbbell Rack Ideas

Let’s start with a basic one first. This dumbbell rack is made from wood. What you will need to make this is 2 pieces of 2 x 6 inches, an 11 x 43 inches size scrap sheet of 3/4-inch thick plywood, and screws.

Build the rack from the bottom up, starting from the base.

2. Metal and Wood Dumbbell Rack

DIY Dumbbell Rack Ideas

Perhaps you have unused metal rails lying around? Why not use them? When it comes to a dumbbell rack, a DIY dumbbell rack metal and wood is a viable option, too.

The metal rails make the rack looks more appealing. Plus, it is great to hold the dumbbells in place and keep the price down, too.

3. Multipurpose Dumbbell Rack

DIY Dumbbell Rack Ideas

Although we are talking about DIY dumbbell rack ideas here, that doesn’t mean the rack is strictly for the dumbbells.

If you make it large enough, you can even store other items like weight plates or barbells on it, too. This might require more work to create, but it is a great space-saving solution.

4. Vertical Dumbbell Rack

Not everyone is blessed with a spacious home gym. Some of us have to work with a small home gym.

If your home gym is on the smaller side, consider making a vertical dumbbell rack like this. Not only it will help keep the gym more organized, but it also optimizes the space you have.

5. DIY Dumbbell Rack and Plates Combo

What if there is no storage for your plates yet? Well, in that case, create a DIY rack where you can store dumbbells and plates.

Like this one, for example. Notice how the rack is divided into two parts. The upper part is for the dumbbells, while the lower part is for plates.

6. Rack/Table

Again, a dumbbell rack needs not to be restricted to dumbbells only. If you have plenty of workout equipment to store, consider creating a tiered rack/table like this.

The tabletop can be used for whatever items you need at the moment, the second tier for dumbbells, and the bottom for barbells and other equipment.

It may take extra effort to make, but it will keep things simple and organized.

7. Wall-mounted Dumbbell Rack

Last but not least, a wall-mounted dumbbell rack. This is another space-saving solution. It costs virtually nothing as the wall is often unoccupied.

What’s great about it is that you just need a wooden board, secure it onto the wall, then loop rafter hooks over the board. And there you have it. A wall-mounted dumbbell rack to store your dumbbells on.

Having a dumbbell rack can help make your home gym more organized. And now that you know these DIY dumbbell rack ideas, you can make your own without having to spend a lot of money on it.

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