7 Fun and Functional DIY Solar Charger Ideas for Your Energy Needs

DIY solar charger ideas – What should you do for your next DIY project? Here’s an idea: make a solar charger. Making a solar charger is not only a fun DIY project, it is functional, too.

After all, there are many things you can do with the stored energy within the charger. Below, we make a list of 7 DIY solar charger ideas to inspire you.

A solar charger is a charging device that utilizes stored energy obtained from the sun to charge other devices.

Typically, solar chargers are portable, which further enhances their functionality. If you live in an area where sunlight is abundant, making a DIY solar charger is surely a good idea.

Functional DIY Solar Charger Ideas

1. Solar Power Bank from a Laptop Battery

Solar Power Bank from a Laptop Battery

Having a power bank is a necessity. Especially so if you are using your smartphone a lot. Want to make your phone usage more environmentally friendly and practical?

Make a solar-powered power bank using a laptop battery. Be it for camping or emergency charging, you can charge your phone whenever.

2. USB Charger

Diy USB Charger Ideas

What if you want to charge other devices that have a USB port? A solar-powered USB charger will surely come in handy.

With a USB charger like this, you can charge various devices. No more worrying about not finding any power socket nearby. The sun gets your back.

3. DIY Solar Charger Ideas: Solar-Powered Electric Bicycle Charger

Solar-Powered Electric Bicycle Charger

Getting around on an electric bicycle is an excellent way to reduce your energy footprint. Want to go a step further?

Make a solar charging station. Charge your electric bike using solar energy. Although this solar charger is not as portable as others, it gets the job done.

4. Laptop Charger

Laptop Charger Ideas

Running out of power is just a big no. Especially so when you have to meet a deadline.

The problem is, some places don’t have any power socket and you might need to charge your laptop. Here’s a solution: charge your laptop using the power of the sun.

5. On the Dashboard

diy solar charger ideas

Making a compact charger is definitely among the best DIY solar charger ideas. Attach it to your dashboard and leave it for the day.

Then, as you drive home from work in the evening, you can be at ease, knowing your phone is charged with a fully powered solar charger.

6. Solar Charger Station

Solar Charger Station Ideas

Not everyone needs a portable solar charger. Some of us need more power than portability. In that case, consider making a solar charger station.

A charger station like the above can meet your various energy needs, from charging batteries, laptops, to electric bikes.

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7. Mini Battery Charger from a Playing Card

Mini Battery Charger Ideas

You can make a mini battery charger with nothing more than a playing card, a few solettes, some copper tape, and super glue.

If you need to charge your battery, just place it inside the charger and let the sun charges it to full power for you.

These are some DIY solar charger ideas that you can try. They are not only fun but also functional, especially so if you are looking for an environment-friendly way to charge your devices.

So, what do you think? Which ideas pique your interest the most?

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