7 DIY Solar Light Ideas to Make Your Outdoor Areas More Attractive

DIY Solar Light Ideas – There is no denying that solar light brings a lot of benefits. Not only do they reduce electricity bills and maintenance costs, but they are also practical.

Just place them in a spot where they can get some rays and you are all set. Want to make it even better? Check out our DIY solar light ideas below, then.

One of the best things about solar light is that they can be as stylish as you want them to be. No need to worry.

Our ideas below are all DIY, so you can easily try them and make your outdoor areas more attractive. Ready to get inspired? Let’s start.

1. Light in Jars

Best diy Light in Jars

Have some jars that you are not using? Use them to house your solar light, then. One of the best things about using jars and solar light is that you can play with the colors.

Want to make the outdoor areas colorful? Easy. Just paint your jars.

2. Dramatic Pathway

DIY Dramatic Pathway

There are not many DIY solar light ideas that are as dramatic as lighting up the garden pathway.

Plant your solar light on the side of the pathway in between plants. And there you have it. A gorgeous, well-lit outdoor that steals attention.

3. DIY Solar Light Ideas: Glowing Orbs

Solar Light Ideas Glowing Orbs

Perhaps you want something simple yet still makes your outdoor areas more attractive? Make some glowing orbs, then.

Just grab some globe shades and put your solar light in them. At night, you will have beautiful glowing orbs lighting up your outdoor areas.

4. Colorful Bottles

Colorful Bottles for Solar Light

Have unused wine bottles? Well, you can use them too. What’s great about bottles is that many of them are colored from the get-go.

So, you just need to place solar light in them and you have colored lighting for your outdoor areas. Also, you can either plant them on the ground like the above example or hang them like lanterns.

5. Jack o Lantern

Jack o Lantern solar light

Halloween or not, jack o lantern brings a fun mood in the outdoor areas. Looking for something unusual? Well, this is it.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to make many, 4 or 5 are enough to make your outdoor areas more fun and interesting.

6. String of Lights

diy solar light

There is absolutely nothing wrong with going simple with solar light. Indeed. Something as simple as hanging a string of lights along the tree can make the outdoor areas more attractive.

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7. Fairy House

Fairy House Solar Light

Perhaps you are looking for a more challenging DIY project? Why not make a fairy house? A fairy house is always a good addition.

Especially so when combined with solar light. It is a foolproof way to make the outdoor areas more attractive, both during the day and night.

As our DIY solar light ideas above have shown you, there are just so many things you can do with your solar light. You can be as creative as you want with whatever items you have.

If you make your solar light stylish, your outdoor areas will become more attractive. So, what do you think? Which ideas will you try? Or perhaps you have your ideas now? Whichever it is, have fun with your solar light!

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