7 Steps to Build Your DIY Solar Water Heater

Is it possible to create a DIY solar water heater? Absolutely not. All you need to know is about a little science and be a little more creative than before.

Actually, building a solar water heater is not for beginners. But you can create the DIY type that is much easier to do and can save your money.

The simplest water heater called batch water heater can be created for less than USD 100. This is an integral passive water heater since it uses the combination between storage tank and the solar collector.

This one is the best type you can build and use at home since it needs only some basic parts.

How to Build An Easy DIY Solar Water Heater

You will need to prepare the right materials before building the solar water heater. Then follow the right steps to make sure the simple water heater can assemble properly and work efficiently.

Below are what you need to build your solar water heater and how you can create one for your home.

1. What you need to build solar water heater

build solar water heater

You will need an electric tank for water heater, black paint, plywood box to hold your tank, glass sheets, hinged lid for your box to reduce the nighttime cooling, pipes or fittings, insulation material, and mountings for your ground level, side of house, or for the roof.

2. Paint your water tank in black

Paint your water tank in black

Actually, you are free to paint the water tank with any other dark color you desire. But black is the best color since it absorbs the heat of sunlight more optimally than the other dark colors.

Make sure you use dark colors for the tank before continuing building your DIY solar water heater.

3. Secure the glass

Secure the glass to the plywood box’s

Secure the glass to the plywood box’s top using anything that can secure it powerfully. You can use glass glue or insulate the glass to the box.

Glass is going to help collect the heat from the sun. You can also use solar panels but glass is the cheaper option.

4. Prepare the box

Prepare the box

Then you have to insulate your plywood box as well as the lid. Prepare the box by cutting some holes to allow the outflow and inflow pipes.

You will need at least two pipes, one for the inflow and two for the outflow. Make two holes for those pipes.

5. Place the water tank in the plywood box

Place the water tank in the plywood box

When you place the water tank inside your plywood box, make sure that the tank is secured.

It is crucial especially if you are going to place the water heater on the roof. Make sure the tank won’t move easily.

6. Route the inflow and outflow

Route the inflow and outflow

Route the incoming cold water from the water source into your water tank’s bottom (the position depends on the tank you use).

Then the outgoing hot water will come out of the tank to the water heater tank in your house.

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7. Mount the DIY solar water heater in the right location

DIY solar water heater

Usually the roof is the best location to place a water heater tank because the roof is where your water heater tank is optimally exposed to the sun.

But you can always place it on the ground as long as the sunlight can heat it most hours everyday.

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