Remodelling Your Home? Get These 5 Essential Home Security Upgrades

Home security doesn’t often get a priority spot in most peoples home remodelling lists. But if you think about it, it’s probably the most important area you could upgrade around the house.

Let’s have a look at essential security upgrades to add to your home remodelling goals! 

1. Surveillance Cameras

Most modern homes already have this security feature installed. However, if you don’t have cameras around the house yet, don’t skip it during your next remodel. 

Based on your budget, you can look into different models and feature sets in security cameras. 

Some new models have a doorbell feature that let you interact with people at the gate. 

Some are wired, others are wireless — but both perform the same. However, smart security cameras are truly next-gen. They allow you to check what’s going in or around the house when you’re away.

2. Better Lighting

Essential Home Security Upgrades

This one isn’t just going to improve your home’s security, but also its aesthetics!

Here’s a simple rule for security — darkness = bad. After all, most cases of burglary and theft occur at nighttime. Darkness welcomes burglars as there’s a better shot at getting in and out unnoticed. 

Your house should be well-lit inside and out. Add smart lighting products to your home modelling shopping lists. You can also fit motion sensors into the porch, backyard, and garage for bonus points. 

Modern smart lights are even programmable to switch on and off at certain times during the day. That way, even when you leave home for a family vacation, the lights coming on and off will keep burglars away from trying to break in. 

3. Rekeying Locks

When it’s been long enough since you last changed or rekeyed your locks, there’s a pretty high risk of spare keys falling into the wrong hands. 

One way to counter this is to rekey your locks. There are many DIY guides and toolkits to help you do it yourself. If you don’t have any key cutting experience, though, you might run into annoying problems. 

For instance, you might make mistakes, waste blank keys, and some keys won’t sit flat on key machine. It’s a valuable skill to learn though, so you can watch and read online guides to work around these problems. If you don’t have the time though, feel free to hire a locksmith to do it for you. 

4. Install a Fence

Install a Fence

Home remodelling shouldn’t be limited to the interior design and decor on the inside of your house. Your front and back yards deserve some attention too — especially when security reinforcements are in order. 

If you don’t already have fences in place, they can be a great investment! Not only will they provide your home a bit more security and privacy, but an aesthetically pleasing personality for outside onlookers.


While functionality and aesthetics are probably the primary reasons why you’d be remodelling or renovating your home, security comes first. Make sure you consider and implement these essential security ideas while remodelling to keep your home and family safe.

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