7 Solar Driveway Lighting Ideas for Various Driveways

Solar driveway lighting ideas came to help you see how many options available to beautify your driveway and especially to illuminate the driveway. When choosing the right driveway lights, you need to consider some crucial things first.

The main function of driveway lights is to ease everyone in seeing the driveway clearly. So the main focus you must keep in your mind is how bright the lights will shine, even under the rain and snow.

Decoration should be the second thing to consider in choosing the best solar lights for the driveway.

List of The Best Solar Driveway Lighting Ideas

Among so many solar lights for the driveway, here are the best options you should consider. Those options came with different characteristics for different needs. Find one that matches your needs the most.

1. Solar driveway lighting with automatic sensor

lighting with automatic sensor

Solar driveway lighting that comes with automatic sensors will turn off and on automatically.

You don’t have to switch off or on the lighting manually since there are sensor parts that are integrated to the lighting. If you often forget to turn off and on manually, pick this lighting idea.

2. LED solar driveway lighting

LED solar driveway lighting

The best type for solar driveway lighting is the LED one. LED lamps can provide the most effective, the brightest, and the most reliable light power not only in efficiency, size, price, and energy consumption.

If you want the softer solar driveway light, get one that has Amber LED lights.

3. Choose the right solar driveway lighting duration

solar driveway lighting duration

Most solar driveway lighting ideas came with an average of 8 hours on duration each day. This is the most common solar driveway lighting to choose.

You can start with the most standard one if you have no idea how long you want the solar driveway lighting to stay on.

4. Waterproof solar driveway lighting

Waterproof solar driveway lighting

For the uncovered driveway, the best and safer option is the waterproof solar lights. It is because your solar driveway lights are going to be exposed to snow and rain.

Waterproof solar driveway lights are also able to last longer since they don’t require a battery replacement for a long time.

5. Decorative solar driveway lights

solar driveway lights

Basically, there are 2 types of solar driveway lights. The first one is the decorative one. Decorative solar driveway lights have patterns that are able to make your outdoor looks much more beautiful.

Decorative driveway lights are a better option to create a more casual outdoor look.

6. Simple and classy solar driveway lights

Solar driveway lighting ideas

Another option available for the solar driveway lights is the simple one. This option doesn’t care about the beauty of the space outside your home.

It will only care about its main task, which is illuminating your driveway and keeping everyone safe when entering the driveway.

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7. Colorful solar driveway lights

Colorful solar driveway lights

Some providers of solar driveway lights offer lights in 3 beautiful options, such as white, warm white and blue. Some others even offer colorful driveway lights.

If you finally opt for the colorful one, make sure the light is bright enough especially under the rain so anyone can see it.

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