7 Creative Bow Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Bow Storage Ideas – Girls love wearing cute accessories that can make them look much more attractive. If you love collecting accessories, make sure you have storage for each type of accessories you have.

For example, look for some inspiring bow storage ideas to keep all your bows organized.

There are so many ways to store your bows. Use one of the storage ideas and make sure all your bows stay together so you can find them easily when you need to use one of them. The storage ideas below are also designed to beautify your interior.

Gorgeous Bow Storage Ideas to Decorate Your Room

Basically, you can store your bows anywhere using anything. But to help you see how gorgeous your bow storage could be, here are some storage ideas you can use to organize all your bows while decorating your interior.

1. A unique personalized bow storage box

bow storage ideas

This is an excellent idea if you have some girls at home and each of them wants different bow storage.

Consider making a storage box with your girl’s name on the cover. You can also use different colors for each girl, according to each girl’s favorite color.

2. Sweet rattan basket for rustic room

rattan basket for rustic room

Another storage idea that can also help you beautify the room is the rattan basket. Rattan baskets can hold almost everything, including bows and other accessories.

Organize those rattan baskets, and they will make your interior look outstanding. This helps you declutter the room as well.

3. Show the bows under your mantle

the bows under your mantle

If there is a mantle in the living room that you use to display some family photos, it could be an ideal place to store and especially display your girl’s bows.

Arrange the bows based on the color, so they’ll make your interior look much more colorful and stunning.

4. Wall-mounted accessory holder

Wall-mounted accessory holder

This is a unique decorating idea for a girl’s room. Simply prepare a bar and mount it to your girl’s room so she can use it to hang her bows.

Personalized accessory holders will be more awesome. Add your girl’s name above the bar, and she’ll love to store her bows on the bar.

5. Hair bow carousel

Hair bow carousel

The next unique idea you should try to decorate your girl’s room is the hair bow carousel.

This is a perfect idea if there is an extra room in the corner of your girl’s room. Build your own hair bow carousel at home and make sure it can hold all the hair bows from top to bottom.

6. Cute bow bins

Cute bow bins

Bins are the alternative for rattan baskets. If your girl wants something sweeter than a rattan basket, give her some bow bins with a pom-pom on the body of the bins.

She’ll love keeping her hair accessories inside the cute bins.

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7. Wooden ribbon holder

Wooden ribbon holder

And if your girl wants something she can place on the table, this one is the right option among the other bow storage ideas.

This ribbon holder made of ribbon can be used to display some hair bows. It can also be a gorgeous ornament to decorate your girl’s dressing table.

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