15 Stunning Floating Deck Ideas For Your Home

Floating Deck Ideas – Your house will be complete if you have a floating deck. This deck has a unique shape because it is generally separated from the house.

The deck also does not join the ground because it is supported by the foundation at the edges. Apart from relaxing, floating deck ideas also allow you to have a party or be your favorite relaxing place at home.

Beautiful Floating Deck Ideas

Deck with partial pergola

Deck with partial pergola

The deck has a square shape with enough area to put a few chairs and a coffee table. On the other hand, there is a bench that matches the color of the deck.

On top of the bench there is a pergola with a neatly shaped slate. This deck is perfect for building in a large backyard. You can add a few small plants on the edges to make it look greener.

The shades floating deck

shades floating deck

As a comfortable place to relax, it’s better if you add shades on top. Shades can be in the form of a canopy or a pergola that covers all parts of the floating deck.

Place some light furniture on it, such as a plastic chair or soft sofa. To block sunlight from the side, the deck can be added with a curtain.

The greeny

floating deck design

This deck design is in the middle of a green backyard. The floating deck is placed under a beautiful tree so you don’t need to use additional shade.

The back to nature nuance doesn’t only come from the green trees in the park, the addition of small potswill also add a beatiful impression to the deck.

Umbrella shade can be added if the deck wants to be protected from rain.

Mini floating deck

Mini floating deck ideas

Having a small occupancy doesn’t mean you can’t have a deck. In the back garden, the deck can be used as a comfortable place to relax and is made small in size.

Floating deck ideas are the right choice because they are easy to make and move. Changing the position of the deck can be done if you are getting bored with the exterior appearance of the house.

Simple deck

Simple floating deck ideas

Creating an outdoor deck for the patio is the right choice. Apart from being inexpensive, decks with floating designs are also easy to remove and maintain. Simple decks can be square or rectangular.

Decks can connect to the house or separate parts of the yard. On top of the deck, there is also furniture such as a dinning set made of polished wood.

In the middle of swimming pool

floating pool deck

Installation of a floating deck can also be done in the middle of a swimming pool. That way, the deck will be surrounded by a pool.

That means, the swimming pool in your house does not have a large size. You can only enjoy a smaller pool size. A deck with a design like this has an aesthetic function and is perfect for hosting pool parties.

Most likely the deck will often get wet from splashes of pool water and rainwater if you don’t use the shade on it.

You must choose a high-quality deck type so that it is not easily damaged. On the deck, you can put a variety of simple furniture such as chairs and coffee tables to relax.

Under mini gazebo

Best Under mini gazebo

A unique gazebo usually uses a deck as the base. A floating deck can be one of the right designs for this exterior addition.

Of course, the shape of the deck will be adjusted to the shape of the gazebo. Make a unique design because not all shapes are in the form of a rectangle.

For the frame, you can add hanging plants to make it look better. The roof of the gazebo can be a retractable canvas or an umberlla.

This design is suitable for receiving guests, relaxing in the afternoon, or chatting with family. Furniture such as a small dining set can beautify your deck.

Deck on the pond

amazing floating deck

The challenge to having a deck over a pool is cleanliness. The pool must always be clean, especially from mosquito breeding. If there is moss or the water starts to become cloudy, clean it immediately.

Your comfort will be disturbed when the pool starts to get dirty. Add plants like lavender in the pots and place them on the deck to keep mosquitoes away.

Terrace inspiration

Terrace deck inspiration

Decks are not only placed in the backyard. You can also install it on the terrace of the house so that it looks more aesthetic. Floating decks are suitable for minimalist homes that are made higher than the ground.

So that its position is parallel to the inner floor of the house. You can add additional foothold before your feet are on the deck.

Dining room deck

Dining room deck ideas

You don’t have a dining room? You can use the yard behind the house as an open dining room. Place a floating deck in one corner, then add a simple dining set.

The color deck can be adjusted according to certain concepts, such as the yard fence or the dining set. The open atmosphere can be a fun moment when dining together.

Stage space

best floating deck

For those of you who like to hold outdoor parties, a floating deck shaped like a stage can be the right inspiration. The deck is made high with a step or two of footing.

On top of the deck can be placed a carpet, sofa or comfortable chair. Decorations such as the curtain behind the deck will add to the luxurious impression.

Contemporary style

Contemporary deck style


This floating deck idea doesn’t prioritize the deck function itself. Its presence is only an additional style for your home. Small in size and located close to the house.

Half of the deck is covered with a frame that matches the color of the deck. Here you can relax while drinking in the back of the residence.

Various floating deck ideas can make your patio and backyard look even more unique and classy. Apart from easy installation and low price, maintenance is also easier.

This deck will not overgrown with plant roots. If your backyard is submerged by rain, the deck will remain safe because of its higher position.

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