7 Inground Pool Retaining Wall Ideas to Add Visual Appeal to Your Pool

Retaining walls are necessary if you are building on sloping properties. Our inground pool retaining wall ideas below will show you how a retaining wall can be as beautiful as it is functional and even have more functionalities than holding back the soil and preventing the ground from eroding. 

1. Multi-tiered Wall

Multi-tiered Wall

Swimming or sitting on the side of the pool can be relaxing, and it wouldn’t be as enjoyable if you didn’t have privacy, however.

So, why not turn a retaining wall on the side of your pool into a multi-tiered wall to provide you with some privacy?

If a wall made of stones looks too bland and lifeless, adding greeneries and flowers can balance it out and make it more lively.

2. Waterfall

waterfall for inground pool

The next one on our list of inground pool retaining wall ideas is a waterfall. A waterfall is always an excellent addition to a pool.

How could it not? It adds aesthetic to the pool, helps you to relax as you hear the water flows down, and makes the pool more natural, too.

You can go for a natural look with stones for the wall like this one here. This looks as if the waterfall is flowing naturally from uphill down to the pool.

Alternatively, you can also go for a more modern look. Either way, it will certainly add visual appeal to your pool.

3. Waterslide

retaining wall into a waterslide

Do you have kids? Or perhaps looking forward to adding something fun to the pool? Turn your retaining wall into a waterslide. This allows you (and the kids) to have fun when swimming. 

Not to mention it can look good too, especially if it blends with the surrounding. Just remember to flow water on it whenever it is going to be used.

4. Inground Pool Retaining Wall Ideas: Water Features

Water Features for inground pool

Having water features certainly won’t hurt, either. If anything, water features like a small pond or fountain will make your pool all the more appealing.

A fountain, for example, makes the pool feels and sounds more natural as water continuously flows. A pond, on the other hand, adds an interesting visual cue.

5. Garden

inground pool retaining wall ideas

A garden on an inground pool retaining wall can do wonders. It makes the pool more lively, makes you feel as if you are outdoors as you are surrounded by greeneries and flowers, boosts the pool visual appeal, and brings a refreshing vibe to the pool.

6. Fire Pit

inground pool retaining wall ideas

A fire pit is rather unusual but looks amazing nonetheless, especially if you combine it with water features like a pair of waterfalls.

If you like to spend hours relaxing on the poolside, or want to have a nice spot for your pool party, consider getting a fire pit.

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7. Patio

patio for inground pool

A patio can be a nice addition as well. It gives you a spot (or extra spot if you have a patio already) to relax just next to the pool.

As our inground pool retaining wall ideas above have shown you, a retaining wall can have more functionalities besides holding back the soil and preventing the ground from eroding.

What do you think? Which ideas above do you think will add visual appeal to your pool?

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