Tips For Getting Your First Furnished Apartment in Seattle

Furnished Apartment in Seattle – Seattle has a population of about 3.78 million, which makes it the 15th largest metropolitan in the United States and the largest in Washington.

The reason for its quick growth lies in numerous career opportunities available here, lively culture, and many experiences to try.

As more and more people throng this booming metropolis, hunting for an apartment gets harder and pricier. We prepared this guide to share effective tips that you can use to get your first furnished apartment in Seattle.

Create a Budget

Before starting your home hunting, it’s important to come up with a budget to know the average rent you can afford.

As said earlier, furnished apartments in Seattle don’t come cheap, with the city ranking among the top 10 most expensive cities in the US.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that households spend about 33.4% of their income on rent. This underlines the importance of taking the cost of renting into consideration.

When budgeting for an apartment, don’t forget to consider costs such as utility bills and deposit, application fee, security deposit, pet deposit, parking space, renters Insurance and moving expenses.

If you are going to buy new furniture for your new apartment, you might want to include that in your budget too.

Use Online Apartment Listings

Use Online Apartment Listings

Driving around a big city looking for apartments to rent can be tiring. Luckily, you can avoid these hassles and save time by using an online apartment listing to identify available rentals in different areas.

Checking online listings will not only make it easier to get a house; it also gives you an idea of the range of prices to help you get your desired apartment.

Know Your Neighborhood

Seattle is dubbed as the “city of neighborhoods” because it has something for everyone. If you want pubs, coffee shops, restaurants, and live music, then we recommend you try North Beacon Hill.

Those who love fresh seafood restaurants and hipster vibes should try Ballard Avenue. Capitol Hill is crowded and dense, and that makes it suitable for young professionals who want to enjoy the best of Seattle’s nightlife.

Downtown Seattle is a highly walkable neighborhood with a sea of coffee shops, bars, music venues, and home to South Lake Union. There are many neighborhoods in Seattle, so you need to research and know what’s best for you.

A few questions to ask yourself before making a decision include:

  • How close am I to work?
  • Do I prefer walking, driving or using public transport?
  • Do I want a quiet location or want to stay in the middle of it all?
  • How far do I want to live from the restaurants, museums, attractions, etc.?

The more you can narrow down your preferences, the easier it will be to settle in Seattle.

Consider Getting A Roommate

Furnished Apartment in Seattle

This applies mainly if you’re an ongoing student, a fresh graduate or a junior worker with no family.

You may consider getting a roommate with whom to share the cost. This is a great hack if you’re looking to live in your desired area without forfeiting all the luxury.

Know The Timing

Another tip when looking for your first apartment in Seattle is to house-hunt during the off-season.

That means avoiding busy periods such as summers as the market tends to become more competitive and expensive during these times.

If you can wait for slower periods, such as winter, there’s a higher chance you will get better offers and spend less.

Be organized

With the property market getting more competitive by the day, renting out may not always be on a first come, first serve basis.

Every landlord and agent wants to get the most serious renters. As such, it pays to be punctual and work on your first impression when meeting them.

This helps to improve your chances of convincing them that you’re the best person to rent to. A good place to start is to have all your documents and credentials with you during the meetings and accompany your roommate if you have one.

Get Your Paperwork Right

Most landlords and agencies require specific details from tenants before renting their apartments.

Some of the key things you’re likely to be asked here include your credit score, rental history, past landlords, proof of income, personal preferences, and sometimes, your social security number.

Many landlords will also ask for referral letters from tenants especially if your credit score is not impressive. Ask your former colleagues, roommates, managers, and other reputable people in your network to help you with this.

Having someone co-sign your lease will boost your trust, giving your property manager more confidence that rent will be paid on time. 

Understand Your Rights

best apartment in seattle

Like in most other parts of the country, there are laws to protect renters in Seattle. We recommend that you try to understand them, as they could come in handy at some point in your stay here.

As a caveat, though; rent control laws in Seattle can be used in your favor or not. For instance, Seattle deemed the “first come, first serve” policy as unconstitutional for rent.

Take An Apartment Tour

It’s important to see an apartment before signing the lease. Don’t rely on pictures alone as they can be misleading. They also don’t show what the neighborhood is like.

If you are a social person, look for a building where neighbors socialize. Apartment tours can help you know the condition and quality of an apartment.

Make sure to:

  • Check the locks on the doors and windows to ensure they close properly.
  • Ensure there are no spots on the ceilings and walls.
  • Turn on the faucet to ensure the water pressure is fine with clean water
  • Note any burnt-out bulbs
  • Try out appliances and confirm that they work
  • Notice how much lighting reaches indoors – keep an eye out for big windows
  • Ask about parking availability for guests

Are You Excited By The Idea of Staying in Seattle?

Finding a good place to rent and stay while in Seattle doesn’t have to be hard after all. All you need is to know what you’re getting into given that the city can be quite competitive and expensive.

Timing is also key while you will also need to understand the tenancy laws to stay protected.

If you play your cards right, we don’t see the reason you cannot get a convenient and affordable place to call home. Welcome to the Emerald City!

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