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7 Timeless Gothic Bedroom Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

Gothic Bedroom Ideas – Gothic interior is all about boldness and extravagance. Most gothic interior designs represent the elegance of Middle Ages, comprised of dark and rich colors and gothic-style furniture that looks like old church remnants.

When it comes to gothic bedroom ideas, there is a large collections to choose from.

While bed canopy is one of distinguishing features of traditional style, modern gothic bedrooms often come with bright and dramatic colors in drapes, couches, and even carpets.

A gothic interior can be fascinating, so borrow one of these ideas to transform your bedroom into a gothic-inspired space.

Middle-Age Gothic Bedroom with Four-Poster Bed

Middle-Age Gothic Bedroom with Four-Poster Bed


A dark-painted four-poster bed promotes a strong sense of gothic. When it is combined with floor to ceiling window drapes, this master bedroom is visually bold and extravagant.

The arch glass windows will looks like a remnant of old church, which is a key element in evoking a gothic interior.

Elegant Gothic Bedroom with Bed Canopy

Elegant Gothic Bedroom with Bed Canopy

Rich and bold colors are essential in gothic bedrooms. It doesn’t have to be all black but other rich colors like purple and gold also work well to evoke a sense of boldness.

This bedroom idea includes a bed canopy with grey drape that gives a touch of Victorian style.

Gothic Bedroom for Teenagers

Gothic Bedroom for Teenagers

Your teenagers wanted a bedroom with gothic style? This modern gothic bedroom is a nice selection to meet their preferences.

Featuring a dark element from the bed, you can maintain neutral accent from the wall and floor. A middle-age candle holder and wall arts offer decorative touch to the room.

Early Gothic Era-Inspired Bedroom

Early Gothic Era-Inspired Bedroom

Most interior designs in Early Gothic era are designed to evoke glum and dark atmosphere.

Featuring a black bed and other dark elements such as draperies and furniture pieces, this is one of gothic bedroom ideas inspired from Early Gothic. Floral wallpaper can be used for a Middle-Age accent.

Gothic Master Bedroom with Modern Touch

Gothic Master Bedroom with Modern Touch

When you have a strong urge to adopt gothic theme but want to keep a modern look, this bedroom idea is surely for you.

Despite it uses black furniture pieces, the interior design doesn’t look somber like gothic style commonly evokes. Thanks to white floor that neutralize the dark elements.

Bright and Modern Gothic Bedroom

Bright and Modern Gothic Bedroom

This is another inspiration for modern gothic bedrooms. If you don’t agree with the idea of dark atmosphere, this interior design offers bright space to flex your muscles.

Black nightstand and decorative hanging light promotes a sense of gothic without making the whole area feels glum.

Bold in Purple

Purple gothic bedroom

Purple is one of gothic paint colors that offer extravagance and boldness. This purple gothic bedroom could be perfect for your teenagers who wish to spruce up their room with gothic style.

Combining black and purple shades for bedding and drapes creates a bold interior design that suits teens’ personality.

While interiors adopting Early Gothic era evoke dark and somber atmosphere, modern gothic style is characterized by brighter tones without dimmed windows or pillars.

Both styles create fascinating interior that represents your taste and personality. Which gothic bedroom ideas you love the most?

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