7 Mind-Blowing Gun Concealment Furniture to Keep Your Weapons Safe

Gun Concealment Furniture – Being a licensed gun owner means you have a responsibility to ensure your weapons are appropriately stored.

It should be out of reach and out of sight so the firearm won’t harm your family or yourself. For this reason, having proper gun concealment furniture becomes essential so you can play it safe.

Concealment furniture should look like regular furniture pieces so no one is attracted to take a further investigation on it.

Despite the ordinary visual, the furniture has special compartments to conceal your weapons safely and keep it out of sight. Check out the most mind-blowing gun organizer to purchase.

Gun Concealment Display Cabinet

Gun Concealment Display Cabinet

Display cabinet is one of perfect concealment furniture pieces to keep weapons out of reach.

Most people will focus on your collectibles or everything in the showcase and never realize that there’s a special compartment behind it. With a large compartment, it’s ideal to organize up to 5 guns.

Secret Gun Storage Showcase

multiple gun storage

This showcase features multiple gun storage, allowing you to wrap all the weapons in one place without being noticed.

It comes with double retractable cabinets for firearms as well as racks to keep your guns. The compartment is spacious to hold up to 30 weapons in different types and sizes.

Gun Compartment Vintage Nightstand

Gun Compartment Vintage Nightstand

Nobody knows that this vintage nightstand is a hidden gun storage. Designed with a drawer and a lower compartment, it looks just like typical bedside table in other houses.

But it can transform into a versatile gun storage, thanks to a hidden upper compartment that fits up to two guns.

Firearms Concealment Coffee Table

concealment furniture ideas

This gun concealment furniture lets you access firearms easily without being noticed by your family.

The foam lined compartment keeps everything in place so they don’t move anywhere even when you move the table. With a wide compartment, it can accommodate a variety of guns with different types.  It can also accommodate different scopes for your gun (like an affordable scope for Remington 700).

Bedside Table with Hidden Gun Storage

Hidden Gun Storage Ideas

Whenever you need to defense yourself, this hidden storage allows instant access to your weapon.

The simple bedside table is designed with side compartment that fits one gun. It can be a perfect place to store your licensed weapon so your kids or wife will never notice its presence.

Gun Compartment Wooden Coffee Table

coffee table with sliding top

A coffee table with sliding top could be the most brilliant way to keep your guns out of sight.

Coming with foam line, this compartment offers nice and safe storage for the weapons. In addition to function, it has glossy finished tabletop that adds visual interest to your living room.

Safe Weapons Concealment Coat Rack

Gun concealment coat rack

Gun concealment coat rack has been popular among hunters and licensed gun owners.

This versatile furniture piece is ideal to organize hunting rifles and similar type of firearms, thanks to its height. No one, especially your wife and kids, will notice that you store weapons behind the coat rack.

While storing your weapons in random places can take you and your family in troubles, gun concealment furniture keeps everything safe.

From display cabinets to nightstands, to coffee tables, make sure the furniture piece doesn’t attract curiosity.

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