5 Ways How to Clean Garage Floor from Various Stains

A garage floor seems to be much abandoned from your daily cleaning routine. Not surprising if this space often ends up with much clutters as well as stubborn dirt that turns the garage into a room where you can’t stay longer in. Know how to clean garage floor helps you to prevent those poor conditions.

Types of grime that leave on a garage floor can be various. It can be oil from your car, rust from the equipment you store inside, or spills of paint that still exist.

Those grime require different treatment so that you can successfully remove them. Here, some cleaning solutions that you can give to a garage floor.

1. Removing Oil or Grease Stains

A garage floor is prone to oil or grease stains. Cleaning the stains quickly helps to avoid them become stubborn as well as protect any person passing the garage from slipping.

Oil spills can be removed by scattering sawdust and let it a day.

As the liquid is absorbed by the sawdust, you can sweep it carefully. Then, sprinkle dry soap and leave it approximately for 45 minutes. Pour water and use a bristle brush to clean the floor.

Don’t directly rinse it and allow it to sit for 15 minutes. After that, you can rinse the floor with water.

2. How to Clean Garage Floor from Rust Stains

Tools or metal buckets you store in the garage may leave rusty spots on the floor and it’s very unpleasant to see.

Rust stains can be cleaned by pouring white vinegar or lemon squeeze on them and leave them in 10 minutes. Remove the rusts with a bristle brush and rinse the entire floor using water.

If you don’t find any lemon or white vinegar at home, you can alternatively use the mixture of laundry detergent and baking soda as a wet cleaning paste.

3. Get Rid of Paint from the Garage Floor

For paint stains, use a scraper to get rid of dry paint spill from the floor. Then, make a cleaning mixture from Trisodium phosphate and water by following the safety directions.

Performing how to clean garage floor then continued by pouring the mixture on stain area, scrubbing it, and flushing out with water.

4. Make The Garage Floor Remain Clean

Making a garage floor stay in clean condition can be achieved by shoving away tools that often cause rust.

Alternatively, you can put mats under the metal bucket or other tools when they are used or stored in your garage. Clean immediately any spills also help beacuse it prevents them to develop into tough stains.

5. Apply Seal on the garage Floor

Make the garage floor more resistant to any stains by sealing it. There is a concrete floor sealant perfect for the garage floor. It not only makes the garage floor cleaner but also appear to be brand new.

After you clean all the grimes from the garage and put all the tools away. Now, it’s time to maintain the floor’s cleanliness.

By making the garage floor remain clean, it will help you to avoid the daunting task on how to clean garage floor from any tough stains again.

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